Monday, February 28, 2011

Not This One Either

Nope not this one either. Still working on that challenge card. I like this one, but not for the challenge. I did get a kick out of her butt. I used two layers of pop dots as I really wanted that butt to stick out there. Cut from Pacific Point cardstock and highlighted center of flowers with white gel pen. Other colors used Pumpkin Pie, Mellon, and White. Designer paper Basic Grey called "Blush". You may want to know how I got that little tiny bit of lace on the bottom of her skirt...well I had some elastic pink ribbon that has white edging so I cut the ribbon in half the long way and just used red sticky tape to hold it in place. The easel card was made using 4 1/4 by 9 3/4 cardstock. Scored at 5 1/2 which then left 4 1/4 piece on the top. This was scored on the diagonal. You need to put an element on the inside of the card that you can pop. This will be what holds the top part of the card in a raised position.

As I said I really like this card, but don't know how often you would use a card like this one. I can see myself sending it to friends and family to thank them for there support on my weight lost, and maybe just a humorous card to send to some one.

Skip had me out in the yard helping him stack wood in the pick-up truck. He had two loads that he sold. I'd like to see the Biggest Loser contestants haul wood from the back yard in the snow and then stack in a truck bed. My back is killing me today.

Sarah will be stopping over this morning after her class. She needs mom time. Nice to know she still needs me.

Happy last day of February. Thank goodness for that!!!!!

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nope Not It

So I was playing around with SU! stamp set WiseCracks. Its a set my friend put in for a stamping challenge. Not way fond of this set but it does have possibilities. I have to tell you that some of the ladies in this set remind me of Shaggy from Scobby Do. Only because of the long faces. I'm happy this was put in the challenge. I love to color, and I love a good challenge! This one although I like it was a pain to make. Trying to get the word stamps to line up to go around the sides of the image, GOOD GRIEF. This is the fourth attempt and it wasn't right either but at 2 in the morning I decided to call it good and post this before I'm off to bed. Colors: So Saffron, Wild Wasabi, white, and designer paper by Basic Grey. I like how the ribbon is done. I used a craft knife and cut slits at her hand to get the ribbon to go through, then used glue dots to hold the ribbon in place. I'll continue to work with this set till I find a card I'm happy with. So to my challenge group...Nope this isn't it and won't be in the mail, as I'm not making more of this one:)

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to.......

my hubby Skip. He's a ripe old age of 54....or should I say he is 54 years young? All I know is I like when his birthday rolls around because then I can say he's 4 years older than least I can say that till my birthday in September then its back to 3 years older.....I know I'm evil.

Going to dinner and a movie later. Snow stopped thank goodness! I actually was able to run to the store this morning and pick up a few things that I didn't even know I was out of.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Inches of SNOW

Well Old Man Winter strikes again! Woke up to 7 inches of snow. All the schools are closed. Wind gusts are really bad. As you can see from this picture. This is my kitchen window which is on the east side of the house. The sliding glass door is also covered with blown snow.

These two pictures were taken through the windows. You can see the flying snow. So windy the window panes are rattling. Looks like I'll be cabin bound for a few days. Glad I got out yesterday and did all my running around.

Thanks Connie for making me this obscure holiday card. February 21st is the start of the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Wish I was there. I'm sure its lots warmer and no snow!!!
Nice job Connie...I really love the colors.

Next card from Kathy. Love this one too! So very pretty with great ribbon placement.

Well I guess I'll be doing some house work today, and get some stamping in. Looks like it will be a very long day!!!!

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pin Cushion

So I'm back to making pin cushions. My sis in law gave me a jar of homemade peach preserves for Christmas so after those were finished I had the perfect size jar for this cushion. I used Chocolate Chip ink with the ruler stamp on Daffodil cardstock. Had to stamp it twice to make it long enough to wrap around the lid. My favorite part of this project is the little tiny yo-yo made from the same fabric as the cushion. Added a brown brad to the center before gluing it to the jar.

No new snow today, but its still pretty darn cold. I'm going to visit mom this morning. I'm sure she will be happy to see me, as I didn't tell her I was coming today.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shoveling in a Winter Wonderland

Woke up to snow again! Good Grief wish the white stuff would just go away and Spring would be here!!!!!

All of the trees and bushes had ice hanging from them. I took the camera out with me when I was shoveling the walk.

These trees are in our neighbors yard. I happened to look up from my work and saw them there glittering in the sunlight all snow covered. So very pretty!!!! But again I'm ready for the snow to be gone.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Stamping

I did some shopping yesterday and ended with going to Hollo's. For those readers who have never visited the store let me explain.....The largest room is filled with cardstock, envelopes, and stamping supplies. The other room is filled with a hodge podge of craft stuff, and misc items. It was in this room I came across wool scraps. I thought the larger pieces were priced to high but I found some large bags that were stuffed with thin wool strips that was more in my price range. And of course the wheels in my head started to spin....what can I do with this? So this card was born. Uses Espresso, Marina Mist, Tango, Craft and Vanilla cardstock. Word is from Sage Advise. Card also has In Stitches jumbo wheel, and Pattern Pieces.

Here is a pic of the big bag of wool scraps. If anyone wants a few strips to use in your cards let me know. I have plenty to spare.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sew Suite Again

This was made early this morning. When I got up I was in the mood for a cup of coffee and some stamping time. The rest of the house was asleep so I seized the moment.

Colors Wasbi, So Saffron, and white. Used the new Tulip folder (love this folder!), and Sew Suite stamp set. Word is by SU also but I don't remember the name of that set, and to lazy to walk back to the studio to find out. I know I'm bad, but I have the cat on my lap which is not easy since the laptop is also trying to find room there. Makes it hard to type. Not to mention the cat hair flying around. I added a small leave button to the dress dummy. I thought it was a fun addition to the dress.

Snow on the ground, but I'm going out in just a bit to visit JoAnn's. They are having a Presidents day sale, and I still have some money on my gift cards. Skip will be home today due to the holiday. Don't know what we will find to do later today. May hit the movies.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Got To Stamp Today

Got a late start today with posting to the blog. Went to visit mom this morning. Brought along some crochet that I'm working on.....she really enjoyed watching my fingers fly. Since she wanted to help I had her hold my yarn ball as I worked.

Stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up stuff for spaghetti and meatballs. The sauce and meat balls are simmering on the stove now. Which gave me time to work in the studio. My last SU order came in on Monday...Big thanks to Geoff for mailing it to me....thanks to Lisa (Geoff's wife) for boxing it up for me. I pretty much purchased all the new Sewing stuff from the mini catalog.

The card uses So Sweet and Smarty Pants stamp set. Color scheme: Chocolate Chip, Tango, Pacific Blue, and designer papers by Basic Grey. I think I got carried away on dressing the dress makers dummy. Use heart punch for the bodice, and brown wire ribbon for the skirt, and just for fun added blue flower, and string of pearls for the belt.

Last week when I was at Pat Catan's (yes I was there again) I found these two punches by Martha Stewart on clearance for 6 bucks each. Had to have them! Love the way you can use them both to punch around an entire page. Happy I got to use them right away on today's card.

Its snowing now. Just when all the snow melted here we go again! Come on Spring.....I have hopes for an early Spring some of the birds are back already. Heard them singing this morning.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last of the Snow

The past two days have been warm and in the upper 50's so most of the snow is gone. We only have a little bit left at the end of our driveway. This was where our neighbor across the street was putting there snow. They are a nice older couple that hired a snowplow driver to clean there driveway, but the person doing the plowing just keep putting the snow right at the end of our driveway. I should have got a pic of it when it was really high. But at least its melting now. Today its going to be colder again in the 30's.

I was feeling better yesterday and since it was so warm I got out at about 8 am and did some walking just around our neighborhood. Big mistake. There was a dog that approached me that was not friendly. He was barking and the hair on his back was raised. He wouldn't let me walk kept blocking my way. Looked to me like he was part wolf. One of the neighbors heard the barking and told me to come into her home. So I kept facing the dog and started to slowly back up. Thankfully I was able to get into the house and Karen (her name is Karen too) called animal control. They said they had another call about that same dog and got to us pretty quick. I called Skip to pick me up as I wasn't going to walk home after that. Shook me up pretty good. I never had that happen with a dog before.

Skip took advantage of yesterdays sunny warm weather and sunned himself on the deck while he read a book. Couldn't resist snapping a pic of him while I was in the kitchen. He looked so content.

Stamping Tails
Karen 202

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Well

Won't be posting for a few days. Not feeling well, must have picked up a bug somewhere.

Hope everyone else is well

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look who's in the Bird Feeder

Its Rocky the flying squirrel! So I was getting my tea yesterday morning and I happened to glance out the window to see "Rocky" climbing up the pole. He sits on top of the pulley system Skip made to raise and lower the bird feeder, and then takes a flying leap onto the feeder. He couldn't get in through the top because of the domes, but he found a way!

According to hubby squirrels can leap 6 foot in any direction so come spring he's going to be re-making the bird feeder set up. I told him anything he puts outside the squirrels think it belongs to them. LOL

Red Hat meeting went well. I almost forgot my hat. I got halfway down the street and had to come back for it. Would have cost me a dollar had I went to the meeting without it. Those ladies take that red hat serious! I'm now there new Newsletter editor. So that will give me something to do, and help build my bond with the other "sisters".

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spent the day.....

yesterday cleaning out the stamping studio. Thanks to Lisa I came up with a plan to re-work the Cricut cartridges. They use to take up 3 drawers since they are in boxes. So I took them out of the boxes and put them in plastic sleeves. Now they are only filling up one drawer. YAY. I gained two empty drawers. I did keep the boxes just in case I ever resell the Cricut. Don't think I will but you never know.

I cleaned off the top of my library filing cabinet and added some photos of family. Also put my completed cards in a basket. Makes them easy to riffle through when I need to send some out. What I really need to do is re-do the Barbies. That is a big job so I decided to forgo that till later.

Off to the monthly Red Hat meeting later today at 1 pm. Afterward I'm going to head into Medina and visit JoAnn's. Still have gift cards to use.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day....and Spring?

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends, family, and faithful readers on my blog. I was going to post a heart card today but after having a warmer day yesterday....39 degrees! It felt like a heat wave after we were in the single digits and teens for so long. Me and hubby went for a walk. It was like a breath of fresh air! When we came back I happened to look down on our driveway which is still covered with ice and snow and found these sweet little bird tracks. It gave me such a good feeling to see them. I think the groundhog was right that we are in for an early Spring. A few days ago we saw the first Robin on top of our bird feeder. It gives me hope!

Sarah is stopping over after her first class. Going to make lunch for the family, and I plan to make white chocolate covered pretzels for Skip for his gift.

Stamping Trials
Karen 202

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What? No Word On My Card?

Are you as shocked as I am? There is no word on the front of this card. Totally not like me. I wanted more of the background to show so hence no word. I was trying to clean my desk yesterday...and I used the term "trying" very loosely as I didn't get much done. There were still scraps of the black glossy cardstock that I had used gesso painting on so I turned one of them into this card.

More cleaning in my future today. Stamp studio looks like a whirl wind whipped through it.

Went to see mom yesterday. Looks like the infection on her toe is clearing up. Big relief! Since she is a diabetic they have to be careful with her feet. I thought I was going to be blown off the freeway on the way to the nursing home. Was really.....lets see...what is the right word....Oh I think Pooh said it best....It was a blustery day. My car is taller so when the wind blows so does my car. And speaking of driving some old guy was making a left turn in front of me when I had the right of way, had to slam on the brakes and curve into the other street to avoid getting hit. Thank goodness the roads were dry on Friday or I would have skidded all over the place. Scared me half to death. I was so shaken that I wouldn't drive to see mom on Friday as planned. Waited till Saturday.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gesso Painting with Dye Based Ink

This card was made using gesso (white primer paint found in art departments at craft stores)and dye based ink. I put a little puddle of gesso into a plastic container and used a piece of scrap chipboard that I cut into about the size of a credit card. Then dipped the board into the gesso and applied to the black cardstock in a basket weave pattern. After it dried I applied the ink using a stamping sponge. Next I stamped on the finished background the cat from SU! Cool Cat using Jet Black Archival ink, and the flower were applied using white ink.

Still bitterly cold here today. We are suppose to get temps into the low 40's by Valentine's Day. Here is hoping!!!

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black Glossy Cardstock

I had an awesome card making day! Pulled out some black glossy cardstock and used the Joseph's coat technique to make both of these cards.

The flower card is my favorite. The fan folded flower was made using SU scallop punch.

I am selling the black glossy cardstock, on Esty. You can view it here. I'll also be including two techniques that you can use on the cardstock.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pomeroy House

Had a good time at the Red Hat luncheon yesterday afternoon. This was my first visit to Don's Pomeroy House so I had to take some pics. They turned an old mansion in Strongsville into a restaurant. They pretty much kept the rooms the same so some of the rooms only have one table and seat 4. I found out some history of the house. It was used as part of the underground railroad. It was a stop over before getting the slaves into Canada. I also found out there is a ghost of a 5 year old girl that haunts the upper level. From what I was told today she only comes over to play. She didn't live in the house, but visits it now on her trip over from the cemetery. I looked for her, but didn't find her.

Part of the Library room, large room with books and a central fire place

Stairs leading down to the bar.

Another thing I thought was cool was the lift chair. Love the tapestry and fringe on the chair.

The main room is called the Library. The booths look like they are part of the book shelves.

I didn't know till I saw this picture that I caught a pic of me taking the picture on the wall mirror. Pretty cool.

One of my "sisters" Eleanor.

And lunch was fantastic! Had potato soup, quiche, fresh fruit, and chocolate eclair. Needless to say I did some working out after I got home.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Greeting Card Kid Valentine

I just love Greeting Card Kids stamp set by SU!. Soon as I saw them in the catty I knew they had to be the first thing on my order. The girl is colored with Prisma color penciled. Use Gamsol to help blend the colors. After I cut her out I painted on some Smooch over the heart, dress, bow, and socks. Gave her a little bit of Glitz. Designer paper by Asparagus. Around the designer paper I added little dots of Stickles.

Going to lunch today with my Red Hat Lady group. It was canceled last Tuesday due to the all the snow we received, but it's on for today!

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Monday, February 7, 2011


This is the last card for the stamping challenge I've been doing with friends. Not sure I'm loving this card, but I did get to use the new lacy circle die from Spellbinders. Stamped the tulip with Cherry Cobbler ink. Designer paper by Asparagus. Work stamp by SU! Course since I have so many 4" doilies I had to add one to this card too! Stamp is by Anna Griffin.

Went walking in the snow yesterday afternoon. It's pretty deep. We went through the back yard and then hiked in the woods that leads to the pool. I was sinking up to my mid calf during some of the hike. At least the wind was still and the temp was 31 so it wasn't too cold. I tell you the people from Biggest Loser should get off the nice hot ranch and come to Ohio to work out in the snow!!! I was hot and breathing pretty hard after walking through that snow.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a Hoot! Valentine Card

This was a fun card to make! Used Tim Holtz wood embossing folder for the tree.
Punches by SU! Owl, Bird, and scallop oval punch. Cardstock came from Hollo's paper store. Word stamp "What a Hoot" is from See-D's. Ribbon I picked up at Pat Catan's. Love the checks...makes this a great man card. I can see it being used for a anniversary as well. I just think the girl owl leaning on the boy owl is just to darn cute.

We got slammed with more snow yesterday. Got another 5 inches with more on the way today. JOY. I have to say it does look really pretty out with all that newly fallen snow. Me and Skip did venture out to the mall yesterday. I wanted to get some walking in and at least its warm at the mall. I was surprised at how many people were still out even in the snowy weather.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Candy Gift Bags

I took a trip to Hollo's paper store yesterday morning. Found these great white flat candy bags in two different sizes. I folded the bottom of the bag up a little bit and sewed each side. This made a pocket in the front of the bag. Just added some designer paper a little stamping then filled them up with candy.

Here you can see the smaller bag in front of the larger one.

Don't have any flat candy bags? Not to worry you can do the same thing with a lunch bag. This one I folded up then folded down to make a little cuff and sewed each side down.

We are getting hit with more snow today. JOY!!!! Still waiting for Spring to get here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vintage Valentine

Mom had a good birthday. I bought her some new clothes for Spring, and got her breakfast and chocolate muffins. She enjoyed that. They tied balloons on her wheel chair so when we went for a walk everyone was stopped us to sing happy birthday to her. It was sweet.

Not liking this card, but it reminds me of a Valentines I made in grade school.

Everyone went back to school yesterday. It was my first outing in two days. Needless to say I was getting just a touch of cabin fever. The break in the weather is going to be short lived as there is another storm on the way...just in time for the weekend.

Stamping trails
Karen 202

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Air Mail Valentine Tag

Hubby had another snow day yesterday. It's been cold and snowy for the past two days. I'm wishing for Spring!!! According to the Groundhog yesterday he predicted an early Spring. I'm hoping he is right!!!!

Isn't the tag Valentine cute! Very vintage looking. It's a large vanilla shipping tag that I stamped and added Tim Hotlz die called Latches.

Course I had to add a doily and bakers twine.

And I found just the perfect glassine bag to put the shipping tag into. COOL!

Felt bad for my baby Sarah yesterday. She didn't know the college was closed yesterday and drove all the way to school to find an empty parking lot. She has quite a drive to get to the school. They were open on Tuesday even with all the snow we had, but I guess they closed for same reasons all the other schools closed....lots of ice.

Today is my mom's 79th birthday. BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MOM. I'll be leaving here in just a bit to bring her some breakfast and cupcakes.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What's Brewin?

So we got snowed in yesterday. Skip got off work as most of the state's schools were closed. I spent the day trying to stay warm and stamping. I made a large crockpot full of chicken and dumplings so I won't have to cook today and can enjoy leftovers. The Red Hat lunch at the Pomeroy House got canceled, and I was so looking forward to that, but they did reschedule to next Tuesday. I also listed two things on Esty. Check out yesterday's post for the links so you can view them.

I found the coffee bags at Hollo's and I knew I had to have some. They are lined just like the ones at the grocery store that you use when you grind fresh coffee beans. I dug deep in my stamp stash and brought out an oldie but goodie stamp set "What's Brewin?" from Stampin'Up!. I made a table by folding a 4" doily and adding some cardstock for table legs. Colors used: Espresso, Daffodil, Old Olive, and Pumpkin Pie. Tag was cut using Labels Four by Spellbinders. I'm pretty darn happy with how this came out. Made me smile on a snowy day. And speaking of coffee I'm off to brew a pot now!!!!

Oh it rained over the snow and got warmer up to 38, now the temps are dropping fast and the rain froze, and lastly it's back to snowing again. Needless to say schools are closed again.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Posted my 1st Items on Esty

You can view them here

and the second one here

Check it out!