Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Stitched Butterfly Card from Kym

 I received this beautiful stitched card today from my friend Kym. 

Just love it!!!!! So elegant. 

Card is blank inside so I can use it how'd I'd like, but I don't think

I'll be sending this to anyone. Thanks Kym! 

I've been playing around with coffee dyed papers the last few days. 

Some are done with stencils, and others are done with a plastic lace doily tablecloth. 

I have to take advantage of summer to get all my paper dying done. Too hard to dry paper

inside during the winter months. Oh no....did I just say winter?!!!!!!

We started the remodel in the living room. Trim, flooring, pictures, wall hangings, outlet covers all

removed. Hubby taped around the ceiling and walls this morning. He is getting ready to paint

the ceiling. Want so bad for the remodel to be finished! 

Stamping trails

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Little Bee Clusters for Junk Journal

 Relaxing this morning, and make bee themed clusters. 

One of these days I might make a bee themed journal. Maybe

next summer. We have been so busy here! 

John came over yesterday to help move furniture out of the living room. 

Kitchen floor is finished, and now we have to continue it through the living room. 

I keep telling myself it will be wonderful when finished, but this

remodel of the main floor is three months in already, and I'm just tired of it all. 

Kitchen looks wonderful of course now it is full of living room furniture, and we

can barely open the fridge. I have to be happy that I have a beautiful counter, sink, and

my stove is in. At least I can cook again. Going out to eat really gets old. I'm craving

home cooking. 

Stamping trails

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Happy Mail from Kym

 I got happy mail yesterday from my good friend Kym. 

Take a look at these specimen cards. So pretty! 

Great job! Love them. 

She also make me two vintage tags. 

Just darling! Love the little girl with flowers in her hair. Too cute! 

and she made me two rolodex cards. Love the colors, and background

paper! Thanks Kym! 

Kitchen floor is in! So happy that it is finished. Today we are 

heading out to get the trim. Hoping we can move the fridge, stove, table, chairs and

hutch back. Will be wonderful to have a newly remodeled kitchen! 

Stamping trails

Friday, July 16, 2021

Bee Butt Tags

 These were fun tags to make. I got them as a free printable download. 

Added some distress ink. 

Some of the honeycombs were colored then I added

diamond glaze over them. Did the 

same with the bee wings. 

This one was the from the first group I made. 

Not overly loving how they turned out. I added some 

gold foil over some of the honeycombs. Some of them

have the diamond glaze on them with diamond fine glitter

added over that. Lots of splatters. I think I went a bit overboard with it. 

Kitchen sink and backsplash done. Hubby was going to start the wood floor today, 

but it has been raining off and and on all morning. He won't be able

to take out the saw to do the trimming. Floor may have to wait for

another day. 

Stamping trails

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Witch, and Bee Envelopes

 When I send out happy mail or swaps I've gotten into 

the habit of decorating the envelopes. Takes a bit longer,

but I think it really makes a great impression! I know my mail

carrier comments on my out going mail! 

On the corner of this envelope I used a spider web embossing folder.

 I know it may seem early for Halloween, but since I 

was sending out Halloween ephemera I thought it would be perfect for this. 

This is what the envelopes looked like before I colored in the witch

with prisma pencils. Hubby said the witch's hat needed to be black so

one thing led to another and just like that I was coloring the entire witch. LOL

I was also sending out some stamped bee images so of

course the outside had to match the inside. I used a Tim Hotlz stencil

to make the honeycomb. 

Stamping trails

Monday, July 12, 2021

Circle Master Boards from Labels

 Well I'm still making, and seeing master boards everywhere!

These were made using circle labels that were attached to....

These bead cases that I purchased at Marc's last week. 

I needed some more organizers as I'm getting quite a collection of beads. 

Since the labels pulled off in one piece I used the sticky side to attach the pieces

of paper to them to create the little circle master boards. 

I won't be cutting them apart. I added a few bits and pieces 

to create  clusters. Before that I stitched a grid pattern over the circles. 

Now to fill up those bead cases! 

Stamping trails

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Blizzard Book

 Made this little book for a swap. The pattern

is called  blizzard book, named by the lady who

came up with the fold during a snow storm. 

For my cover I used some green canvas, and pattern paper. 

Found some old metal plates in my stash and used that with some

words. Dolls by Tim Holtz. 

The book is folded to allow pages to be inserted into them. 

I embossed the cream color pages in the book just along one edge. 

Didn't really decorate much on the pages. I added

one little rose to cover up a wrinkle that was in the paper pocket. 

Each page was glued down to the the folds. I could 

have just inserted the pages and called it good, but I didn't want them

falling out. 

There are three pockets in the book, with 5 pages in all. 

For each pocket I made little cards with tabs at the top. These

can be used for journaling. Just a little washi tape at the bottom

to dress them up. 

The back of the book matches the cover. 

Pretty happy with it. Might make a few more to send as happy mail 

Enjoyed having the kids over yesterday. It was John's 33rd birthday. Where does the time go?

Me and my little baby boy 33 years ago. I was 28. Ah to have those days

back again! 

Stamping trails