Sunday, September 25, 2016

Art Journal Page Share

So I took a class at the library last Tuesday. We learned how to 

make art journals. I started working on the journal a few days ago. 

Won't show you everything that I have done so far, but I did want

to share these two pages that I have completed. 

The left side was done with Tim Holtz collage medium and distress


On the right I stamped directly on the paper used on the

accordion folded book. Which was a mistake. The paper

that was provide at the class will not work with the ink I have. 

Won't dry even when I used a heat tool. order to 

save the page I threw some clear embossing powder on it and heated it

again. The embossing powder sealed in the wet ink. YAY the page was 

saved, and I really love how the color pops. Also gives some added texture to the


The theme of the book is Family of Smiles. I'm using lots of old

black and white photos that were passed down to me from my mother. 

Thought it would make a great keepsake for Sarah. 
The photos are of my mom. She made the skirt that she, and her cousin are wearing. 

Yesterday I joined a quick turn around 3 pocket Halloween swap. 

Instead of doing a full pocket letter we had to do 1/3. 

So I whipped this up yesterday afternoon, and its ready to be mailed soon as

I get my partner. I'm having so much fun with these swaps! 

The weather was so nice yesterday me and Skip went to the park and took a 

nice long walk. So great to take the nature trail. Still suppose to be

nice today, so its time to wash my car. 

Stamping trails
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Micro Binders for ATC

Squeal! How cute are these micro binders? 

When I took the art jounaling class on Tuesday the instuctor

had some on display with her art journals. Her friends also

do ATC (artist trading cards) and had some of them in the micro binder. 
I took my monogram one that Julie sent to me and placed it in the front of one of the binders. 
These are only sold at Staples, and guess what.........they are only 1.00 each. 

I started putting some of my ATC swaps in the binder. Now of course holes

will have to be punched in the cards to place them in the binder.

Now I have some special cards that I won't display this way. Don't

want to punch holes in those. Oh the binders do come 

with notebook paper size to fit the binder. 

I only bought the two, but I'm thinking I may need to get more. 

Well Cherokee is getting up in the world. John

was carrying her around last night on his shoulders. 

Which by the way she was protesting. Who heard of a cat 

who was afraid of heights? 
Sending a shout out to my friend Lisa. Today is her birthday. 
Have a great day! 

Stamping trails
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Sewing/Couture Theme Halloween Pocket Letter

My latest Halloween pocket letter. 

I wanted to do a sewing/couture theme with the witches. 

I used Tim Holtz dies to create the dress form with a bird cage skirt. 

The ribbon I sponged with purple on white seam binding. I know it looks like

blue in the photo, but it is purple. 

I used black glimmer paper for the skirt. The broom was made 

with a Sizzix die, and the little cat is a sticker. So cute!!! 

I the "stitched by a witch" was printed on the computer. 

The center row is the witch's laundry. "double, double toil, and

trouble; laundry boil, and laundry bubble" was also printed on the computer. 
 I didn't know if the frog was a good fit on this theme, but

hey witch's do change people into frogs, so maybe one of the witches

changed herself into one by mistake. Could happen...right? 

Stamping trails

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Leave Tag, and Welcome Fall

Wish you all a very warm welcome to the first day 

of Fall! 

Speaking for myself Fall is my favorite time of year, and 
I can assure you it has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday
happens to be in the Fall. 
Its cooler in the morning and evening, and perfectly warm during the day. 
The leaves start to turn lemon yellow, and crimson red....okay now I'm
quoting John Boy Walton....moving on....but you get the idea. I love Fall!
Okay getting back to the tag I made. The background it stamped with Hardwood background.
The leaves were die cut with Tim Holtz tattered leaves die. 
I inked with with distress inks, sponged the edges, and brushed them with crystal effects to 
make them shine. 
The ribbon is white seam binding. I sponged it with a tea colored ink then

crumpled it up and stuck it in a clothes pin till it was dry. Which didn't take to long

and the effect is wonderful. I got this nice crinkled ribbon. 

I'm very happy how this one came out. Next time I add vanes to the leaves I'm

going to use a lighter color. I think the black was to dark. You know I'm my own

worse critic.
Enjoy the day! 
Stamping trails
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Just a few new things I picked up at JoAnn's the other day. 

They were on clearance so what else could I do? Just walk

on by them and pretend they weren't there calling my name? 

And you know I'm a sucker for Tim Holtz stuff. 

Really love the pop bottle caps embossing folder. Yes I'm 

from the North and we say pop not soda. The package

also has a tape measure folder. Perfect to go along with my sewing stuff. 

The other two pack has clock faces, and gears. They will be great for

guy cards.

Adding to my layer stencils with this sunburst. 

I also got Tim Holtz Tattered Leaves die. Which was also on clearance. 

I had a good class at the Brunswick public library last night. 

We got started on making an art journaling book. I'll share photos when I get more

pages done. The teacher Suzanne has a degree in Arts. Very nice lady and helpful. 

Its a three night class. One more next week, and the last one in October. 

Well time to say goodbye to Summer. Today is the last day. Going to be 

in the 80's so I'm going to go out and enjoy it. Can you believe that Fall starts tomorrow? 

Where did the time go. Only 9 more days till my birthday. Hubby asked me yesterday

what I wanted and I told him I didn't have a clue Normally I know the answer to that

question. I'll have to think about it. 

Warm Last Day of Summer trails
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sparkly Season Halloween Card, and Squash

I used Sparkly Season stamp set to make this card. 

Also used a Tim Holtz thinlit set that Kat sent me. 

I brought a lot from last year's SU Holiday mini, but since

I had the knee replacement last year I really didn't get a chance to 

play with some of the stuff I got. So this year I made a decision not

to buy anything from the Holiday mini. I know big shock right? 

Want to play with the stuff I already have. Even though there are a few

things I would really love to have from the new mini. Like the stamps that 

go with Jar of Love set that I got from the main catalog. SIGH!!!!

I wanted to share this pic I took of hubby yesterday. 

He picked a wheelbarrow full of butternut squash. Most of 

them are pumpkin shape. 

Yup these are butternut, and not mini pumpkins. 

We have this load but a ton more! 

Stamping trails
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mailable Monday #169

So with all the Halloween goodies I've been making my

thoughts are now turning to Thanksgiving. 

I used a clear mini stamp set I picked up at Michael's years ago

and never used. Why oh why do I buy stamps and never ink them? 

Must be an addiction, but forget that 12 step program I'll just keep the illness! 

I did use a homemade defusser. First I stamped the pumpkins and

greeting on the cream layer. Next I put the layer in the wallpaper 

embossing folder with the defusser on top. I like how

I can omit the embossing over stamped images. 

Not much going on today. I need to run to the post office and pick up more stamps. 

Have a few birthday cards to mail, and ATC swaps for September. 

Tomorrow I'll be going to the local library. I signed up to take an altered journal class. 

The class is broken up into 3 days. Excited to be taking that. I don't even have

to bring my own supplies the library is supplying them. 
Gotta love that! 

Stamping trails
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