Monday, February 19, 2018

Mailable Monday # 226

Happy Monday!

Today's card features an embellishment that

my friend Kym sent me. 

The iris folded flower. 

She also sent me some sequins, and

stitched artist trading cards. Thanks Kym! What a nice surprise!

I was going through, and organizing my ready made cards, and

discovered that I only had two thank you cards! 

Now how on earth did that happen? Well I gave out a ton

of cards this past Christmas for gifts, so my stock is running way low. 

You may see me post thank you cards in the days ahead as

I replenish my supply. 

Base is kraft cardstock. After stamping one side with a script stamp I

added a strip of navy cardstock. 

After I stamped thank you I added the folded iris flower with 

a large glue dot. Since this is Mailable Monday I didn't want to 

add any ribbon to the tag so I opted to use the Tim Holtz mini stapler to

the eyelet. 

Today I'll be going to Joann's with Betty, then later we will be going to lunch. 

Looking forward to hanging out with Betty. We have fun together. 

Stamping trails

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fun with Envelopes

I found some neglected 8x8 paper pads in my stash, and
thought hey I can make some envelopes with the envelope punch board. 
Wouldn't even have to cut paper! 
Couldn't help but get creative with some of the designs. 
This was an easy one. Red, yellow, orange and purple circles. 
Break out the balloon die. After cutting it out I glued it to the 
front and drew the balloon string with a fine tip Sharpie marker. 
I can use the balloon space to write in the name, and address. 
For the mason jar I added the lines around the lid, and added a bow on the 

side again using the marker.

Next came a star with stitched lines. I was on a roll now!

Love the world map. Again I used a die to cut the spot for the address. Since
it was the world I also stamped a little compass to the left of the address space. 
I'll have to go back and revisit this one. The background I stamped with

a script stamp was to dark to allow the type writer to show up to well. 

This one I just stamped on with script, and flower stamp. 

Really like the postage stamp paper. I added a piece of air mail

washi tape across the bottom. 

and I did a few with just the fine line marker. I took

a tag and traced around it. This one was done on a cream envelope.

This one on white. 

Just some free hand drawing. The address can be written in the 

space between the doodle! 

Okay go ahead and laugh at the name...Lick & Stick. I know I did! LOL

But this is great for making your own envelopes. 

You put the glue on the flap and allow it to dry. 

When you want to seal the envelope just moisten the glue with a damp

paper towel and seal. Works great.

Had fun stamping with Betty yesterday. I'll be back tomorrow and show

you the Easter cards I made. 

Stamping trails

Friday, February 16, 2018

Family Shaker ATC

Well I'm back today to share what I am doing

with black and white photos.

I have about 75 of these photos that I just don't know who

the family members are. So I decided to make some artist trading cards

with them, and some other upcoming projects. 

This one I turned into a shaker using some gold glass beads, and mixed color small

seed beads. 

Lets start with some basic info on how I used the Fuse Tool to make shakers. 

Very important to let the tool heat up for 30 minutes. 

Next thing to remember never use glitter in the shakers. Why you ask?

Because the glitter will stick to the inside plastic due to the static. 

Now this is a way that cut down on the static. I use a new dryer sheet, and
rub it on the inside of the pocket. I also used it to wipe down the photo. This trick
works well with the small beads, and sequins, but not with the glitter. 
The dresses on the girls I colored with dye markers. The rest of the photo I left natural. 
The plastic frame was white, but I wanted it to look more vintage so I sponged on 
some brown ink. The frame was attached to the outside of the shaker using Glossy Accents. 
I might add that Glossy Accents works so well as glue! 
The greeting is from my favorite word set by See-D's called A Word of Two. 
I thought forever young was perfect for the young ladies in the photo. 
Now I shouldn't say that I don't know any of the girls as I do know

one of them. The girl on the far right is my Aunt Sarah. Her nickname was Toots. 

Given to her by her dad....who I think had a good sense of humor. 

Was my daughter Sarah named after my Aunt? Why yes part of her name came

from her. The middle name of Jane was from my middle name along with

my Grandmother Lucy Jane. But please don't tell my daughter, as she was

really named after my favorite Dr. Who companion...Sarah Jane Smith.

Here is the stack of black and white photos. Love working with black and

white photos as they have a glossy finish, and are easy to color using dye based markers. 
Heading over to Betty's today to do some stamping.
Have a great weekend! 
Stamping trails

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Send in the Clown,and Elephant

Send in the clowns, and in this case elephants too! 

This is a round robin artist trading card I received this week. 

I added the elephant, and quote to the card. 

Turning the card so you can read the quote, by P.T. Barnum. 

And I have two more ATC shares. This sweet little Valentine bear was 

made by Sue. 

and this one by Jennifer. 

It came in the pink pocket that is behind the card with

the little Valentine envelope. 

I've been going through my mom's photos. Happy to say that they

are all sorted and filed now along with the names of the family members

on the back of them. There were a ton of black and white photos that I 

didn't know who they were. Instead of discarding them I've decided to use

them in craft projects. I'll be back tomorrow to show you one of them. 

It was warmer yesterday, so I did get to take a walk around the neighborhood. 

Later in the day me and hubby went to the library. It started pouring while we were

there. Had to make a dash for the van. Needless to say hubby ran faster than me,

and I was the one who got soaked! 

Stamping trails

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines from Friend

Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

Just wanted to share some cards I received from friends this month. 

This adorable hedgehog stitched card was made by Kym. 

So cute!!!!!!!

This shining black, and pink beauty was made by Kat. 

Next up is a card made by Betty. Love the greeting, and the lacy 

thinlit she used. 

XOXO made by Lisa. SMAK!!! 

Not sure what me and hubby are doing today. I know I would love

to walk around the lake as it is suppose to be 50 today, but with rain, so

if we can get out and walk between the raindrops it might work! 

XOXOXOX trails!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mailable Monday #225

Well this card actually made itself. Took

2 minutes to put together. Thanks to Ceil!

All of the pieces to the card were made with

pre-cut, and stamped cardstock that Ceil sent in 

the package that arrived on Saturday. 

Only thing I had to do was cut the base card, and trim

the greeting a bit. 

Yesterday was busy for us. 

Sarah came over and cleared out the remained of everything she

left at the house in storage. Lots of stuff going to goodwill, some in the trash, 

and clear tubbies that she filled to keep. 

She also took her hope chest that has been in my sewing room. 

Happy about that as I have more room now. 

Made pot roast and veggies in the pressure cooker. That

came out fantastic! I think the pressure cooker is growing on me. Didn't

think I'd ever want to trade in my crockpot in favor of using it. 

Today I'll be heading out to stamp with Betty. I'm also going to finish

weeding through some stuff to put in the June yard sale. Busy, busy! 

Stamping trails

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Goodie Box from Ceil

Well my desk is once again a mess, but this time it is happy mess, 

and it is not my fault......the fault belongs with Ceil. 

She surprised me yesterday with a box full of goodies in my mailbox! 

Lots of die cut, and ephemra to play with. 

There are just so many cello bags stuffed full of die cuts! 

It would take me forever to take them all out of the bags to take photos of. 

Cute little pink elephants. She knows me so well.

Lots of word die cuts. If you haven't figured it out by now....

Ceil is the queen of dies, thinlits, and framlits. 

So thanks bunches Ceil! I'll be sure to make good use of all the

stuff you sent. Must have taken you forever to cut and emboss! 

Stamping trails