Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Punch Art Flower with Gift Bag

I had to stop at Hollo's the other day because I needed little condiment containers 

to freeze the basil in, and while there I picked up some

really tiny clear plastic containers with lids. Didn't

have a clue what I was going to do with them, but they were cute! 

So anyhow I used Mixed Bunch, and Flower shop stamps to 

create the flower that I attached to the top. 

Here is a side view. I filled it with some misc buttons. Some

are in the shapes of flowers. I thought they went well with the greeting I used

"Fresh picked for you" 

I used two sheets of 6x6 designer paper to make this cute little gift bag

for the decorated container. 

The greeting on the matching card is from See-D's. 

Side view of the bag. 

And speaking of flowers.....I went out to the front 

flower bed and pick some lilies, and glads. Thought

they would perk up the kitchen. 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More Tattered Wings Doll Pin Angels

I made more doll pin angels over the weekend. 

Since I had purchased a yard of the eyelet I decided to use it all.
I was able to make 9 with the one yard. 
I used some sheet music, and other stamped papers to 
make the wings. 
After they were all done I packaged them in cello bags with a little bit

of brown shredded paper. Still have to make gift tags for them. 

I guess I'm getting a jump on some Christmas gifts. 

Hey July is almost over and Christmas is right around the I right? 

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Mailable Monday #161

My inspiration for this card came from my garden. 

Yesterday afternoon I made pesto using my basil plants. 

I made several batches and froze them to use later during the winter months. 

Today I'll be freezing basil bombs. To do just chop the clean dry basil in a 

food processor, and drizzle a little olive oil just to coat the leaves. 

This keeps the basil from turning black. 

Fill ice cubes trays with the basil. Once frozen remove from the trays and

seal in freezer bags. One cube equals roughly 2 tablespoons of fresh basil. 

Okay back to the card. It was made using Jar of Love. Just very simple masking of 

the jar allowed the stems to be added to the jar while the rim of the jar

stayed clean. I love how you can bend the polymer stamps. Gives more options for 

creative stamping. The inside jar was lightly sponged with Island Indigo, and the stems 

were inked with Always Artichoke.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tales from the Garden

We have been enjoying some great produce from our garden. 

I've been freezing green beans like a mad woman, and we

still have more to pick. They have been so good!

And we have brought in our first crop of potatoes. These are russet. 

The skins are so thin. I've been slicing them and roasting on the grill. 
We have been in the middle of a heat wave, but I'm not complaining. All
this humidity will be wonderful for the tomatoes. Been pretty dry, and

Skip has had to keep the garden water, but we are suppose to have some rain

tonight with greater chance for more tomorrow. 

Stay cool out there! 

Skip took the top off the jeep, and we went for a little joy ride last night at about 10 pm. 

That was fun. It was so warm out. 

Sending a shout out to my friends Kathy, and Joe who are celebrating their

24th wedding anniversary. Have a great day you two! 

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

July Paper Pumpkin Alternate Card Ideas

I received July's paper pumpkin kit and was making

some alternate card ideas. 

This one uses a strip cardstock that uses

wax paper resist technique. 

The background was made with large circle sunbeam stamp

in Kinda Eclectic set. 

Diamond was stamped on white glimmer paper. 

These were also made with the same paper pumpkin stamps

I used retired designer paper, and see the green one? That

is glorious green cardstock. How about that for "vintage"? 

These two cards were made using June Paper Pumpkin kit. 

Sorry if I've already posted these, but I couldn't remember and

its late so I'm to tired to double back and check. 

It was so hot and humid yesterday. Got into the low 90's. It

was hard to even breathe outside. I spent the day in the house

in my stamping studio. Hoping it will cool down some. 

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Kid in a Candy Store

Me and hubby took a trip to Sweeties candy warehouse on Wednesday. 

It was our first time. What a fun place. Lots, and lots of candy. 

When you first go in. 

Cool old Ford truck filled with salt water taffy. 

I've never seen so many Pez dispensers in my life! They had a full wall of them.

My friend Marianne would have loved it since she collects them. 

They even had giant ones. 

Candy not the ones you use on cards. 

Misc candy dating back a bit! 

Haven't seen this a long time! 

or this one. 

Who wants a lolly? They have a lots of flavors. 

On the big rock candy mountain! 

Lots of candy cigarettes. Can't believe I ate these things as a kid. 

They tasted like chalk. 

Loved Boston Baked Beans candy.

Pure sugar but I liked this one too. 

Had to laugh at this one. Freeze dried ice-cream. 

Tons of the old time penny candies. 

Mini covered wagon filled with candy. 

Old time pop bottles....yes I'm from the east coast we say pop not soda! 
Since it was really hot we didn't buy chocolate as it would have

melted, but we did get a Mallo Cup to share. My friend Kat would have liked it. 

This package even had the rebate offers on a card inside. 

I did get a big bag of penny candy....which does not cost a penny it was

4.99 a pound. 

We will be going back again. Love to go there for Halloween or Easter they will

have the holiday candy out. 

They also have a ice cream shoppe, and mini putt golf. Again it was to hot to play

putt putt, but we will in the fall. 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Elephant Balloon Shakers

I'm going swap happy! 

I joined another swap. This one is for shaker cards. 

Since I have the fuse tool these were quick and easy to make. 

The elephant stamp was given to me by my friend Kat. 

First I stamped the elephant on basic gray layer, and

used a 1 1/4 circle punch to make the balloon shape. 

I hand drew the balloon string. 

Made a custom defusser so I could run the layer through the happy

birthday folder without embossing the elephant image. 

and see the jar? I found a metal band to use around the top

of the mini mason jar so I could display cards. I filled it with sequins. 

Pretty happy how it turned out. 

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