Monday, June 30, 2008

.25 Cent Hinged Latches

I found these cool silver latches at a local craft store in the
wood working dept. They were on clearance for .25 each.
I figured hey I can do something with them. Really into using
any type of hardware on my artwork.
Stamp set True Friend, Paisley
Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Not Quite Navy, Close to Cocoa,
and Always Artichoke
Ink: Always Artichoke, Close to Cocoa
Accessories: SU markers, Close to Cocoa, So Saffron, Always
Artichoke, scrap of caramel colored ric-rack. Oh so sticky tape, score pal, sponge, 1/8 hole punch scalloped edge card by K&Company.

The latches are easy to use they have prongs on either side of each of them. I just figured out where I wanted them and used the hole punch to punch two placement holes, inserted the prongs in the holes and bend them down. You can see by the opened card on the Not Quite Navy cardstock how the prongs look after they are bent down. time you are in a craft store check out the wood dept. You might find some cool hardware to use on your
next card!
YAY I'm on vacation. I can't believe I'll have all week off. I'm so excited. Hubby is working day shift so he's at work now. Sarah came home last night. She is going to help me go through some stuff so I can get rid of it and make a little more elbow room! Most of the stuff I'm going to donate to the Good Will, or Purple Heart.
Still walking on the treadmill each day. Saturday I was on it in the morning and once again in the afternoon. You know this life style change is really working for me. I actually enjoy the time I spend on the treadmill. I read somewhere if you do something for 2 weeks it becomes a habit. Well I've been doing this for a month now, so I'm hoping it sticks!
One of the recipes I came up with for breakfast I enjoy a lot. And it helps me get some extra veggies in my diet
No Fat Egg whites 1/2 cup= 1 point
Spinach=0 points
Feta Cheese 1/4 cup=2 points
1 spray canola oil
garlic powder
Spray small non stick skillet with canola, add enough spinach to fill the pan, cook till wilted.
Add egg, cook, when egg is set add feta cheese and garlic powder. Flip the egg to form an omelet.
I normally add an WW English muffin with this to add another point.
That's all for today. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm looking forward to post again tomorrow. YAY I have more time to stamp.
Stamping Trails
Karen 260

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I found some time to stamp last night after I came back from a walk in the neighbourhood.

Technique used on the birds is from the Technique Junkies, it's called Marker Water Color. Can you believe these blended colors came from SU markers? I used More Mustard, So Saffron, Mellow Moss, Always Artichoke, Regal Rose, Rose Red, and Going Gray markers to add color to the birds. Stamp set is from See-Dee's called Birdie. Larger background stamp is SU In the Garden.

I had to be a bit clever as I stamped the word stamp to hard and got a smudge on the watercolor paper that I didn't want, so I added Regal Rose scrap with the scallop punch just to cover it up. Bottom border was added using the slit punch. Base card is 5 1/2 square.

Only one more day of work till my vacation begins. I can't wait. I really need some down time. Of course this week I've been working like crazy trying to get everything caught up so I won't have so much work when I get back.

Well I'm off to make myself some breakfast so I can go to work.

Stamping Trails!

Karen 260

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the Winner Is.......

Lisa! Congrats Lisa. Here is her comment:

"You can do it. I know it's hard but I went on a low fat lifestyle change in Sept and I have lost 50lbs! I never thought it would happen. Mine came off slowly too. The 2-3 lbs a week is correct. Stick to it and good luck"

I'd like to thank every one for all the support that they gave me. Lots of good tips and advise! I'm happy to say at my weigh in today I lost another 3 pounds! YAY me. So we are 3 pounds closer to having more blog candy. I hope my readers stay tuned for up dates from me, blog candy, and moral support. I see from reading the comments that many of you are also WW members and have lost weight. Congrats to all of you. It's also nice to read that I have inspired others to either start there weight loss or pick up where they stopped. Glad to help out my readers!

So I've lost 13 pounds total in the past 3 weeks. A friend of mine at work best summed it up for me today.......I told her I lost 13 pounds and she just broke out into a large smile and asked me if I really knew what that meant...she told me 13 pounds was like losing the size of a Thanksgiving Turkey! Now that made my day! Puts the weight loss into perspective when you compare the pounds to objects.

Stamping Trails
Karen 260

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Techno Challenge #23

I didn't find time to stamp last night. I found that after a long day at work, dinner, cleanup, treadmill, little bit of shopping.....I was to tired to stamp! So I took a shower and was in bed by 10:30 which by the way I hardly ever do. So I got up this morning at 5:30 and decided to give Mary Jo techno challenge a whirl. I used Fresh Cuts stamp set. Designer paper is made by Basic Grey "Boxer" The scallop strip on the card is from the Boxer designer paper. It's a sticker so very easy to put on the card. Colors: Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip, Old Olive, Barley Banana. Super simple to throw this together, and it's a good thing since at 5:30 in the morning I'm not that much on the ball!!! Base card is 4 x 9, and the main image was stamped on the designer paper.
I found some good deals at Big Lots last evening. They had some Basic Grey ribbon which I paid 10 plus for at Archivers, Big Lots had them for 3.00. They also had some BG chip board and matching rub on's.
Some have asked me what WW plan I'm on......the Flex Plan. It's not counting calories but counting points. You can still eat normal food, but you have to count the points. This forces you to make better choices in what food you want to stick in your mouth during the day. Sure you can blow all the points on a gooey pastry, or fast food place but then you don't have any points to use for the rest of the day. It's all about balance, moderation, self control, and really wanting to make a change in your life.
Tomorrow the winner will be drawn for the blog candy. Best of luck to all!!!!
I'm off to get dressed so I can go to work
Stamping Trails!!!
Karen 263

Monday, June 23, 2008


WOW but these are some large alphabet stamps! I found them yesterday at Pat Catan's. I stopped there after visiting my mom. Stamps are made by See-D's. Each set comes with the alphabet and matching numbers. Cost 4.97. Of course I couldn't pass them up! They will be good for making titles for scrapbook pages.

Skip is home today. He has vacation all this week, and mine is starting next week. We weren't planning to go anywhere, so I thought it was okay to take the separate vacations. This way I can have the day to myself and be alone in the house. Something that doesn't happen much.
Looking forward to having some stamp time. I still plan to get up early on Wednesday to attend my WW morning meeting at 7. It that not true dedication? A woman on a mission to feel better, and lose some weight. Like they say at the meetings "nothing tastes as good a thin feels"

I was talking to mom's friend at the nursing home June. She told me she was on weight watchers years ago. She said if you gained any weight, the other member of the group would sing the piggy song. Oink Oink! I just about fell out my chair when I heard her sing. Thank goodness they don't do that at the meeting anymore.

Have a great day!!!!

Stamping Trails.
Karen 263

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tried a New Technique

I managed to squeeze in just a bit of stamping time tonight. I have been busy this weekend. We had a graduation party to attend yesterday. Party started at 5 pm. It was for Skip's cousin's son Chad. First we picked up Skip's mom so she could also attend. On the way it just down poured! Sky really looked like it could have turned into a tornado. Thankfully it didn't. The party was good, and so was I! I made dinner before we left so I wouldn't be tempted to eat any food. I do have one question to ask my readers and follow readers who are also dieting......why is it when you tell your family your dieting that they insist on trying to feed you cake and ice cream? Sometimes I think family members just want you to stay the way you are weight wise. Anyway.....they did have a great cut watermelon filled with fruit, so I did have some of that.
Now getting back to the rain......Skip forgot to let our bedroom window down so.......when we got back a ton of water had came in, ran down the heater vent right into my stamp room! YIKES. The carpet was wet in the corners, the stamps on my shelves were all wet. Thankfully they were SU stamps and in the plastic cases. Some of my cardstock got a bit damp. Not much of it just some scraps I had sitting out. Two of my Barbie dolls were knocked down from the wall. What a mess!!!! So I'm still getting over the cleaning from that. Which really surprises me that I had time to stamp at all. But dang it all.....seems like I never find the time anymore.
Okay getting back to the new technique. This is from the new issue of the Technique Junkies
I've posted the link to Pat's blog. She has all the info about it. This technique is calling Twinkling Water Colors. I'm happy to have another reason to use my water color wonder crayons and twinkling H2O's! Stamp set is Petal Prints. Colors used So Saffron, Always Artichoke, Elegant Eggplant, watercolor paper, and Basic Grey designer paper. Other supplies used, Cuttlebug, circle punches, Circle of Friendship stamp set.
I did get on the treadmill both on Saturday and today. I tried out some new recipes. Stuffed Cabbage, and stuffed chicken breast. I'm really enjoying pulling recipes from the WW site. Having fun trying different. things.
Thanks for all the wonderful support ladies!!! I've enjoyed reading all the comments. I'm drinking plenty of water!!!!
Stamping Trails!
Karen 263

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Lose You Win!

Announcing a new feature to my blog.
"I Lose You Win"!
I've decided to help encourge myself with weight loss
for every 10 pounds I lose I will be offering Blog Candy.
Since I reached my first 10 pounds I'm offering the following:
Two different clear stamps by inque boutique (formerly See-De's)
large package of silver eyelets, package of yellow brads, and two charms
Just post a comment to this post with words of encourgement for me with my weight lost.
Winner will be selected at random at each of my WW meetings. So first winner
will be on 6-25-08 at 6:00pm.
Good Luck!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Little Dissappointed

I weighed in yesterday at my meeting and only lost 2.4 pounds. I was really hoping it would have been more. I'm not cheating on my points and I'm excising like crazy. Only to lose 2.4 pounds. The WW Leader assured me that I was on track and I shouldn't be losing more than 2 pounds a week. Not giving up. I'm sticking with this till the end. I just have to realize that I didn't gain weight overnight and it's going to take a while for me to lose it.

Went to the farm on Tuesday night and hoed the weeds. They are taking over, but we put a good dent into them.

Mom had a bad day on Tuesday also. I had to leave work at 2:30 because the home called and said she had been crying all day and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. They wanted to give her some type of drug to calm her down, and I told them no. I left work and got the home, and I was with her just for a few minutes before I got her settled down. Normally after something like this I would have turned to food to make me fell better. This time we when to the farm instead and pulled weeds. I'm learning how to control myself. And that's a good thing!

With Skip being back on day shift it's getting harder for me to get to the computer in the evenings. I'm going to have to set up a timer so when it dings he needs to turn it over to me. I haven't read my email in two days....and I don't have time to do it now as I have to run and get dressed for work.

The cards were made by my friend Lisa. More obscure holiday cards. The car is for Tickled Pink day, and the butterfly is for Best Friends day. Thanks bunches Lisa!

Stamping Trails!!!!

Karen 263

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to Vacuum a Cat

Step one: Get a white cat that is shedding all over the house
Step two: enlist the help of your daughter
Step three: put on a good thick pair of gloves
Step four: be prepared to have the cat decide that he's not really into being vacuumed.
Step four: know ahead of time that there will be more fur on you than what gets sucked up in the vacuum
Step five: if you are taking the pictures of this event remember to run like crazy when the cat gets loose and starts running towards you like a mad bull.
They were on the bottom floor and I was laying down on my stomach in the living room looking down on them and taking the pictures. Burbank got loose and came charging up the stairs right at me. Before I could get up he jumped and landed on my head, and ran down my back. Remind me not to take pictures of these things again!!! LOL I wasn't hurt. Oh and no animals were hurt during the taking of this picture.
Sarah left last night to drive back to MI. I miss her already. She's coming back next weekend. They have tickets to see Tom Petty at Blossom music center. Wish I would have got tickets also. Blossom is an outdoor theater. You can get pavilion seats, but it's much nicer just to sit on the lawn on a summer evening, listen to good music, and maybe enjoy a glass of wine with your honey.
I came up with a new recipe yesterday. It's such a great refreshing treat for summer.
Take one box of Duncan Hines Supreme Moist Banana flavored cake mix, and mix it in a bowl with a 20 oz can of crushed pineapple with the liquid. Pour into a 13x9x2 pan, and bake in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Don't read the box that says to add eggs, and oil. You don't need them to make the cake. It is really yum!!!!! So moist it was hard to cut the cake without it falling apart. If you cut into 16 pieces each piece is a point value of 3.
Everyone in the family really enjoyed the cake last evening.
Gotta run. Need to start getting ready for work. Everyone have a great day!!!
For my readers that are a Stampin'Up! demo remember that Shelli is making a big announcement today. I'm so excited to find out what it is I have one of my yahoo friends Sassy Shirley to call me at work and let me know what it is seeing how I can't wait all day to find out! Thanks Sassy!!!! Look for a second post from me later today. I still want to post some artwork, and share the news.
Stamping Trails
Karen 265

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nice Surprise

Daughter Sarah came home early yesterday morning. She wanted to see her dad on Father's day. We had long fun filled day.
First we went to visit my mom in the nursing home. We took her outside and pushed her around the building. I stopped Sarah from pushing her so I could take a picture. After I snapped it and moved the camera from my eye I saw that mom had be sticking out her tongue. So I jokingly scolded her for doing that and she just busted out laughing. It was a good sound to hear!
After we left mom we did a little bit of shopping. Came home and had lunch with the family, and visited for a bit. Next me and Sarah went to the mall. Did more shopping. Found a pair of Capri pants at JC Penny on clearance for 11.00. They were one size smaller than I normally wear. So I got them didn't even try them on. I thought if I didn't fit them now I soon would.

We also decided to go to take a walk around the lake on our way home. So we walked a mile. It was a little warm out but not to bad. It was fun to watch people fish and drive there model boats across the lake. Of course we also saw all the ducks with there little babies. While walking I got the inspiration for this card. They have these flowers all along the lake, and I remembered I had a hostess set with that same flower. So last night after dinner I sat down and made this card.
Stamp set: Garden Silhouettes, Sanded, ink Old Olive, More Mustard, Cardstock, Elegant Eggplant, More Mustard, Old Olive, accessories: clip, tab rounder punch, white gel pen, twill tape, distressing tool.
Sorry to see the weekend be over. But on the upside I only have 10 busniess days left to work before my one week vacation. YAY!!!
Oh......remember those Capri pants I bought? I tried them on, and guess what? THEY FIT!!!!
Stamping Trails
Karen 265

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long Day

I had a long day yesterday! We went to Archivers earlier in the day. I spent 50.00 so I got a free pack of designer paper. It's really nice. I picked up some more binders for my Bind It All. I bought a 12x12 pack of Boxer designer paper by Basic Grey, and I got something that I think will be fun to play with Crushed Velvet Flock.

I sat down and went though a bunch of different recipes from Weight Watchers. I picked out 6 and wrote down the ingredients I didn't have for them, and off I went to the grocery store. I was real good I stuck to my list, and only purchased the things that were on it. Plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, lean meat, and a few other things that I had to get for hubby. He's not on the diet so he still wants his "fat" stuff!

I did try a new recipe yesterday. Sweet and Sour Meatballs. They were good!!!!

cooking spray, 1 1/2 poundextra lean ground beef

3/4 cup rolled oats

2 large egg whites

1 cup finely chopped onions

1 medium garlic clove minced

2 Tbsp dried parsley

2 tsp dried oregano

8oz canned tomato sauce

2 tbs Splenda

3 tbsp spicy brown mustard

1 1/4 chili powder

1/2 tsp hot pepper sauce

preheat oven to 350. Coat 13x9x2 pan with cooking spray

mix beef, oats, egg, onion, garlic, parsley, and oregano. Shape into forty eight 1-inch balls, place in pan. Bake for 25 minutes

While that's baking mix remaining ingredients in a small sauce pan. When meatballs are done transfer them to a serving bowl and pour the sauce over them.

I served these on top of brown rice, and a side of veggies.

It was pretty darn yum!!! One serving of meatballs is 4. Point value 2

After dinner I cleaned up. I'm finding it easier not to want to get any extra food if I clean up everything right away. I did get on the treadmill, and after that we went to the drive in. Our first trip to the drive in of the summer. We saw Hulk. OMG it was so much better than the last remake. We both enjoyed the movie.

Now I need to get dressed and go visit with mom for a bit. I'm really hoping to get in some stamping time today. With the cleaning, and the wash yesterday I didn't have time to fit any it.

Stamping Trails

Karen 265

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My friends I love them bunches but they are enablers!!!!! Lisa called me last night cause Connie called her, and of course they had to call Kat. WHEW!! It's great having such a live wire group of friends. Anyway........the big buzz was new A2 size Cuttlebug folders. So what am I doing this morning at 6:30 when I should be sleeping in? I went to crazyscraps to preorder 18 new Cuttlebug folders. Yes girls you heard me right.....all 18 of them. At least my order is over 75.00 so I will get free shipping. So now since my friends enabled me I'm enabling all my readers. Go check out the site.

Did I tell you I started walking around the lake at work during my lunch break? It's about a mile. I was sweating really bad yesterday from doing that. But I figure every little bit of extra walking I can fit into my day will help. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home to pick up something to make for dinner. I ended up getting salmon. I really need to work on a grocery list with at least enough items to make for dinner for one week. I'm doing good on my WW plan, but right after work I'm getting hungry and I don't have time to run to the grocery store then come home to make dinner. So I'm going to have to get myself a bit more organized. I also jumped on my treadmill and did 30 minutes on that. Again.....more sweat!!!! No wonder the water bill is going up. It's from all those showers after the workouts.

Okay Lisa just for are pics of some of the great finds that I found at Pat Catan's this week. I'm really excited about all the different size chipboard pacs. And guess what? They were only .50 a each!!!! The grouping of clear stamps were on sale for 1.00 each. And the larger See-Ds stamp set was on sale for 4.50. Just love getting great deals on my stamping stuff!!! Okay gotta run. I need to take a shower and get ready for my day. I want to try to squeeze in a trip to the theater to see The Hulk. Plus I want more stamping time today. Check back in later I'm hoping to add another blog posting today with a card.
Stamping Trails!!!
Karen 265

Friday, June 13, 2008

She's a Swinger

Hubby treated me to Applebee's yesterday for dinner. Now I know what your thinking......she's blowing her diet already. Not so. Applebee's has a great Weight Watcher menu. I had the onion soup, cajun lime tilapia, and yummy chocolate raspberry layer cake. All that and I still kept to the correct points.

After dinner we stopped at home. Skip and son John took the top off the jeep. We just wanted to take a drive. We ended up in the Metro park. It's a very large drive through park that runs though Cleveland and some of it's suburbs. We got out and took a long walk up the hiking trail, then stopped at picnic area and had some fun swinging on the swings. Had to yell at Skip as he was trying to swing me to high!

I did find time last night to stamp even though we didn't get home from the park till 8:30.

Base of the card is Sahara Sand. Designer paper is from Making Memories Boho Chic. I found the paper pack at Big Lots for 3.00 dollars. Other layer is Chocolate Chip, and Orchid Opulence. Other items used, ribbon, flower punch, aqua painter, Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip ink, and Orchid Opulence marker. Stamp set Pun Fun. That set is so much fun to play with! Base card is 5 x 5
So happy that is it Friday. Looking forward to a fun weekend. I am going to make a run up to Fairlawn and go to Archivers. I have a coupon, and they are giving away a free pack of paper with every 50 dollar purchase. I never have any problem spending that much at one time in that store!
Okay gotta run. Need to get dressed I'm still in my jammies and I need to get ready for work.
Till Tomorrow
Stamping Trails!!!
Karen 265

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fresh Cuts

I recently got the new Fresh Cut Stamp set from Stampin'Up! It's a new set that customer's can purchase during the month of June. The stamp set came with die cut cards that have the flower center punched out. For the card on the left I used one card and layered Sage Shadow on the back front part of the card. The 5 petal punch was used to make the Chocolate chip layer. Finished it off with Chocolate Chip ribbon. Now for the card on the right I used a hardware latch that was really for using on wood. I found them at the local craft store on clearence for .20 each! Of course this couldn't be sent in the mail in a standard envelope. I would need to put this one in a padded envelope. Colors used: Blue Bayou, Marigold Morning, little scrap of Soft Sky. I also used Riot of Petals for each of the cards showed.
I went to Pat Catan's last night. Found some cool stuff which I will share with you tomorrow. I wanted to treat myself to some stamping goodies seeing how I had such a great weigh in at my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. I lost 7 pounds!!!!!! How bout that? I know most of what I lost is in a puddle on the garage floor. LOL After the 90 degree weather, and the tredmill being in the garage the 7 pounds all came out in sweat!!! I am so happy with my first week's progress. I even got one of my co-workers to join yesterday after he hear how excited I was about the program.
Till tomorrow
Stamping Trails
Karen 265

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1st week down

Well today is one week since I started with Weight Watchers. I'll be leaving in a few minutes to go get weighed in. Our meeting at work is at 7:00 am. Wish me luck. Hoping I lost some weight. I weighed myself on our scale at home but I don't know how correct it is. I just ordered a digital scale from Curves. Can't wait till that comes in.

Ever hear of Skinny Cow? OMG this is what has been keeping me going!!!! Every time I get on my treadmill I tell myself if I go the 30 minutes I get to treat myself to a Dipper! On the WW plan they are 1 point each, and they are very YUM!!!!!

Thanks Kat for this great card. It's a card for our Obscure Holiday cards. Red Rose Day. It doesn't show in the picture but the rose is covered with crystal effects. Looks very nice. Thanks bunches Kat!!!!
Hubby and me went to the farm after dinner last night. We had some very large and prickly weeds growing. Needed to hoe them so the veggies didn't get choked.

We finally had a break in the 90 degree plus temps. It stormed last night and woke me up at 4 am. Lots of rain, and wind. It did cool everything off.
New Recipe to Try
Pepperoni Pizza Potato Skins
2 large potato(es) baked, cooled completely, quartered
1/3 cup pizza sauce
2 oz pepperoni, finely chopped
1/3 cup part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded
1/2 tsp dried oregano, red pepper flakes or garlic, to taste
Oven 425, coat baking sheet with cooking spray
slice top half of potato flesh off each potato quarter. Spoon about 2 teaspoons of pizza sauce over each potato wedge, sprinkle wedges with pepperoni and then with cheese
place skins on baking sheet, bake until cheese melts and potatoes are hot. about 6 to 8 minutes. season to taste with oregano, red pepper flakes, garlic. Makes two skins per serving
Point value 4
Till tomorrow
Stamping Trails
Karen 273

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Okay my biological clock is not to have children, to have grandchildren! Me and Sarah joke that someday her prince will come, and she'll get married. She's going to be 26 this year. It's not that I want to push her into something she is not ready for, but I'm ready! So....until she is ready I'm going to be content to let my cat Burbank be my baby.

I got off the treadmill yesterday it was only 90 degrees out in the garage. YIKES! When I came in after 30 minutes of that I was really sweating! I sat down on the chair to cool off in the AC and of course Burbank took that as a golden invitation to plop himself down on me. Well hey maybe he can help me burn off a few pounds by making me sweat more!

The stamp for the card is an old one. I picked it up from Pat Catan's in 2000. It was one of the stamps I used to make Sarah's senior prom pictures with. The word stamp was purchased last year from Michael's dollar bin. Designer Paper is from Basic Gray. Cardstock Purely Pomegranate, and Chocolate Chip. I added a layer of cardstock weight vellum to the heart pocket. The lace going around the heart is from paper doilies.

It stormed hard here last night. Lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightning. It woke me up at midnight. Well that wasn't the only thing that woke me up. Remember my baby Burbank? Well he was crying guess he got a little scared of the thunder, it was shaking the house a bit. On the up side the rain did bring down the temp. It won't be in the 90's today as it has been for the pass two days. Should be in the mid 70's. What a relief that will be.

Till tomorrow

Happy Stamping!

Karen 273

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry I've been away so long. Many things going on in my life. I think I have it all sorted out now. Just been taking the time to get my priorities back in order. First off I'm leaving Stampin'Up! I needed to step away and focus more on me and my family. I'll still have my blog and still be making cards with lots of SU products. (you know I have tons of stamps from them!)

I joined Weights Watchers at work. Signed up Wednesday the 4th and already feeling good about the program. I'm doing there Flex Plan. It's something I can finally follow that won't make me crazy. I've already lost 5 lbs!!! YAY. I've been getting on my treadmill each day for 30 minutes which is also making me feel much better. Since I'll be doing the plan I'll be sharing with you my progress, and at the request of my friends will also be sharing some recipes.

Another thing that has been taking up some of my time is the farm. The company that I work for lets us use land to plant gardens. Dear hubby just loves this. That's him in the pictures tilling.
We also have a garden at home, but are using the farm to plant all the things that vine out and take over, squash, watermelon, and pumpkins. We also planted corn.
I had fun making the card. Lots of different things were used in it.
Oval Nestibilities, Cuttlebug, SU Time for You. Prismacolors, ribbon
window punch. Just lots of fun making!
Recipe of the day. YUM!
Honey Mustard Dressing - Makes 4 Servings. Serving is 3 tablespoons, 1 point per serving
1/2 plain fat free yogurt
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
2 tsp. honey
1 tablespoon fresh snipped dill
2 tsp. white wine vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
1/8 salt
1/8 tsp ground white pepper
whisk ingredients together, cover, refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Whisk again before serving.
It's great!!!!
Till tomorrow!
Stamping Trails.
Karen 273