Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do You Believe in Signs?

I do. Went to Mike's birthday party today. He was a long time good friend of my brother Tony. I had a good time visiting with him and other friends of my brother. Danny gave me a hug and said your Tony's little sister. Well that I was...and still am. All Tony's friends called me that. There were tons of motorcycles on the lawn and at the curb. I'll share more pictures of them later. Okay getting back to signs. Me and hubby stopped at Home Depot on our way back. Skip needed to get some trim to finish up the stairs and I decided to stay in the Jeep. I was just sitting there missing my brother and how I wished he was still with me. Just then a guy drove up on this motorcycle. Its a Honda Gold Wing. Same type of bike my brother had and rode for years. Had to smile and take a pic of the bike. My brother will always be with me, and I for one believe in signs.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oldie but Goody

I know I've been away forever! Two I just didn't have any drive or desire to stamp. Yes you heard me.....didn't want to stamp. Not really sure why. Second reason: I couldn't get to my stamp room for close to a month. My room is in the lower level of our split level house and hubby needed to replace the stairs. Thankfully they are finished and now we have wooden steps that match the hardwood floor we put in last year. YAY.

Since I've been away from stamping so long I've decided to get back to some oldie but goody stamping techniques that I use to love. In this card I used Crayon Resist. Later today we are going to a birthday party for a long time friend of my brother. Mike is turning 50 at the end of this month. He enjoys working on cars so I thought this would be a perfect card for him.

For those who may not remember Crayon Resist technique you start by stamping glossy white cardstock with dye based ink. Let it dry then take a white crayon (really any color crayon will do I've used purple in a pinch) and go over the places in the stamped image that you don't want any ink to be. Next ink up a stamping sponge and cover the image. With a tissue wipe down the image, and just like magic the ink that was on the crayoned part will be removed.

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day......remember them.

Bye for now.....

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