Monday, January 31, 2011

Shabby Chic Romance Card

I was feeling a bit shabby last night when I put this card together. Didn't come out the way I wanted but hey at least I was stamping! See the cute little yo yo heart at the bottom of the card. Love it! Stamp set by See-De's Love and Hearts. It's got a very romantic feel to that stamp set.

And check out the cool boarder on the edge of the card. It was made with a Tim Holtz Alterations die......and more importantly to me.....Pat Catan's is now carrying some of the Tim Holtz dies. YAY that means I don't have to pay as much for them. Before I was getting some of them at Archivers, but they cost more there plus the drive to Archivers from me is a bit far.

Had a good weekend. I got my project for Rubber Road Adventures all typed up and submitted. So that should be out soon. I got my workouts in and on Saturday I shoveled the entire driveway while hubby was still in bed.

Stamping Trails
Karen 202

Friday, January 28, 2011

Felt Pin Cushion

I have another pin cushion for your viewing pleasure! This one is made out of white and pink felt. I cut one piece of each color 3 x 24. Both strips were then folded in half. The white felt was place on bottom and pink was on top of white. Then I rolled them up increasing the roll so it formed the spiral. The bottom of the cup cake was made with an old brown sweater. I cut off the cuff and stitched in placed. Decorated it with felt flowers and ric-rack

You can see the spiral well from this side view of the finished pin cushion.

I was so tired yesterday by the time I went to bed. I got up and did a two mile walk, then shoveled snow, and cleaned the house. Finished off by doing Pilates. Looks like I'll have to shovel again as we got hit with lots of snow last night. JOY!!!!! Is it Spring yet? Looking for my TX friends to send me some warmer weather....or at least a card with warm colors on it:)

Stamping Trials
Karen 202

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heart Box Pin Cushion

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Been really cold here and I think my brain just froze. It's been in the single digits with wind chills below zero. BRRRRRR
Yesterday was a bit better got up to 30...WOW tropical heat wave!!!! At any rate looks like we will be out of the single digits at least till this weekend. I went to visit mom yesterday morning, and took her some breakfast. She was glad to see me. I brought in a Home Sew catalog she enjoyed looking through that.

While I was going though some craft supplies I came across this paper mache heart box. Since Valentine's Day is coming up I decided to dress it up. Painted the box with acrylic red paint then sponged white around the edges. The paint seemed to flat to me so I applied a coat of modge podge to gloss it up a bit, plus it will protect the paint from chipping off. Used a wad of natural batting under the fabric to create the cushion for the pins.

Just filled up the box with buttons and heart charms. I'm happy how it turned out.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recycled Brad Container Gift Box

I knew if I kept the empty button and brad containers I'd eventually come up with a way to use some of the them.

This cute little gift container use to hold Stampin'Up! brads. I cut Asparagus designer paper it fit around the top and bottom of the box then ran double stick red line tape around outside lid and bottom. For the top and bottom I used Baja Breeze cardstock and the Giga scallop circle punch. I'm sure one of the scallop circle Spellbinders dies would work also. Stamp set by Ink-a-dink-a-do. Stamped him on the lid, but also stamped again on cream and popped it over the snowman on the lid. Mini glue dots worked really well to hold the scallop circles in place. Word stamp by SU!
I took a mini rust snowflake added just a few drops of Tombo liquid glue then dipped it in glass glitter. After that dried I tied it to the word layer.

I didn't have any brown shredded paper so I got a brown lunch bag ran it though my hand held crimper then ran that through my paper shredder. Crunched it up a little bit in my hand and TA-DA I had great filler for the box.

Here is a side view of the finished box.

Skip is working overtime today from 11:30 to 6. I'm going to drop him off at work then go visit my mom. It's been really freezing here in my neck of the woods. Hope my stamping friends are keeping warm!

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Double Heart Candy Basket Tutorial

You can use any size square cardstock or designer paper. The heart basket from yesterdays post was done using a 5 x 5 inch square. So that is the square I started with for the tutorial. After you have the square cut. Fold the square in half diagonally. Open the square up and fold again diagonally from the other direction. Open up. Now fold the square in half, and open up. Fold it in half again from the other side. Open up. Your square should now look like the one shown in this first picture. I used marker on the fold lines so you can see them better. The first time you make this you may want to label the square with "A" and "B" shown in the picture. This will help you to fold up the square.

Bring up the "A" points. While holding the points together bring up the "B" points. Fold and press the square down. You will now have a much smaller square.

Make sure the smaller folded square is facing you and in a diamond shape refer to above photo. The point at the top will have all the layers and be open. The point closest to you will be closed.

Next step is to draw a heart on the square. Don't go down to far as the lower part of the square will be the sides, and bottom of the basket.

Following the pencil lines cut out.

Open up the cut heart shape square. Looking at the photo place a "C" where shown to make the next step easier.

Bring the "C" together. At this point you should be able to see how the two hearts are formed. Either staple them together in the center or using a hole punch make a hole if you want to thread a ribbon to make a handle.

I used mini glue dots to help hold the two hearts together so there wouldn't be a visible seam going down the center of the hearts.

This one I used a 4x4 inch square of double sided designer paper to make the heart basket.

Used ric-rack for the handle and added a small heart on each side.

Hope this was easy to follow. If you have any questions please let me know.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Friday, January 21, 2011

Double Heart Candy Basket

Isn't this just darling? Made with a square of red cardstock, and embellished with do dads and designer paper.

You can make them in any size using cardstock, or use double sided designer paper. I chose to use cardstock then cover half of the heart in Basic Grey designer paper.

You can make them bigger just by adjusting the size of the square. Stop by tomorrow as I'll have a picture tutorial for you with directions so you can make your own double heart basket, and who knows maybe you'll send one to me :)

Lots of snow yesterday afternoon and evening. Boy am I ready for the single digits.....BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sneak Peek

I'm so excited how my project for Rubber Road is turning out. I can't share the entire project on my blog but wanted to give you just a sneak peek of part of it. This is the will have to wait for the rest.

Not much going on yesterday. I had to pay some bills and did a little running around to pick up a few things. We are due to get a cold snap over the next few days. JOY....Wishing for an early Spring.

I have to go out this evening to the nursing home. They are providing a light dinner for resident's family to introduce the new management staff. Other than attending that I'll just be stamping today. Need to finish up my project and get it submitted.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Candy Favor II

Sorry no post yesterday. We went to the movies and saw Season of the Witch. Just didn't get to the stamp room as it was cold and I just didn't want to get any colder. So instead I went through photo's. I'm working on a mini album for the Rubber Road submission also it's a gift for my mom as the album will hold photos of her and dad when they were younger. While I was going through photos I even found love letters from dad. He sent them to mom while he was in Cleveland OH looking for job and she was still in VA. They are so sweet. Good thing I had the tissues with me...I needed them.

Yesterday morning I went to Hollo's. Found some great bags that are large enough to hold an A2 size card, but I used one of them to make this Valentine Treat bag. Pretty simple. Stamped just the center of a small doily then folded it over the top of the filled bag and glued it down with mini glue dots. The tag is a rubber stamp from See-D's called Postal. Added some red twill tape, red rose, mini clip and the heart that is wrapped around the ribbon and tag was cut with a Sizzix die Hearts, Primitive 2.

Special thanks to Connie for making my day yesterday. I was saying how I'm not such a good crafter and she said I was craftiest person she knows. Big THANKS!!!

So while I was taking a pic of the treat bag I looked up and saw my dolls sitting so pretty in a row I had to take a pic of them. I know I'm silly, but they are so stinking cute!!!!!!

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yo Yo Flower Card

It might be easier for me to list the things I didn't use on this card! I got to playing around last evening and just got carried away with embellishments. The yo yo's were made with Clover templates. They are just a hair over 1/2 inch when finished. I added pearl brads to the centers. Stamp set used by See-D's called Blooming Friendship. The flower tag is mounted to a 2 1/4 by 3 1/2 glassine bag that I ran through the Cuttlebug using an embossing folder. The tag is actually a perfect fit to put inside the bag but decided I wanted the tag on the outside so it could be seen better. The flower ribbon I've had since forever, and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've used it. Cardstock colors Espresso (can't get enough of this color), Regal Rose, and cream. I'm not sure I really like this card overly well, but I did have fun putting it together.

Its been so cold here that I hate to even go outside. I did visit my mom yesterday. She is doing okay but has an infection on her toe. Which is not good seeing how she is a diabetic and allergic to penicillin. They are treating her for it, just praying that it will heal.

Skip has today off work, going to see if he wants to go to the movies with me. If not guess I'll batten down the hatches and just try to stay warm. We are in the single digits. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Candy Favor

I spent most of yesterday doing some household cleaning. Skip was on day shift and took my car to work so I was pretty much stuck in the house till he came home at 3:30. I went out to Jo Ann's to pick up an item I needed for a project I'm making. Also stopped at Hobby Lobby again, and a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some food. Doesn't look like I'll be running around this weekend due to incoming snow.

Isn't this candy wrapper sweet? I took a Ghirardelli square and wrapped a small doily around it. And what is that on the top of the scallop circle you might's a fabric heart yo-yo. I think it adds an unexpected element to the wrapper. So easy to make with Clover yo-yo templates. Course I had to use some bakers twine around it.

I can't believe that the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still is celebrating it's 60th anniversary. They were showing the movie last night on AMC so of course I had to watch it. Love that movie. Classic black and white at it's best.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day at the Beach

Oh how I wish I could be at the beach....nice and warm with the sand between my toes.....doesn't hurt to dream.

This doll outfit whipped up pretty quick. Couple things gave me problems. The picture they showed for the cherries on her swimsuit didn't have a leaf. I thought it really needed one to make it look more like cherries so I added that. She was also suppose to have sandals but try as I might (several different attempts) I couldn't get it to work right. I think there must me a misprint in the pattern as it couldn't be me not getting the instructions. (LOL) But hey she's in a swimsuit does she really need the sandals? If she's anything like my kids were when they were little she doesn't want to wear shoes anyway!!!!

She really needs a beach towel so I may crochet one later or just cut a piece of terry cloth. I found the little kitten at Hobby Lobby while I was out yesterday with Skip. Was looking for a little bucket with a shovel, but didn't have any luck with that. Darn it all!

Think I'm going to put up the doll clothes for a few days. Need to work on my Valentine cards. I'm also designing for The Rubber Road again and I have to have my first submission completed by the end of the month.

Had a break from the snow only got another inch, but there is more on the way for the weekend. JOY!!!!

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady Bug Dress

This little dress was fun to make. The small lady bug buttons were hard to find. Located finally at Jo Ann's, but they were pretty pricey, 3 bucks for a card of two.

I like how this outfit has many pieces. There is the main dress then it also has the black jacket. The little Mary Jane shoes and socks is just too darn cute. My friend suggested that I put little buttons on the sides of the shoes. Maybe later.....hard enough just to work with the small pieces not sure I want to add more to it.

Did you see the little panties! Really cute!!!! I was thinking about adding little black ruffles across the bottom but again......too darn little to work with. Maybe later.

Still lots of snow on the ground with more on the way. Guess the only thing to do is keep on crafting. I did some cleaning yesterday. Of course I have my workouts that I do everyday which has been really helping my knees feel better. I think I must have a touch of arthritis in them.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Embedded Butterflies

I have been seeing this technique on a few blogs lately and wanted to give it a try. Most common name I've heard for this is Embedded embossing. So easy to do! First take some punched out shaped. On this card I used the butterfly punch from SU!. Next you glue them down to a piece of cardstock. Sample used Kraft cardstock. Of course my glue of choice is Tombo Liquid glue. After the glue is dry place cardstock in embossing folder and run through embossing machine. That's it. Told you it was easy! Other colors used Marina Mist, black, and Cajun Craze. I popped the Cajun Craze butterfly over one of the Marina Mist butterflies. Wrapped some black crochet thread around it for the antennas. Modern label punch used for word stamp. For the layers I just punched them out with the punch cut them in half and layered them behind each piece.

We are going to be snowed in. Started snowing yesterday afternoon. Glad I went out in the morning to see my mom as I might not be able to get out till next week. Suppose to snow over the weekend also.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recycled Ribbon Tote and Pumpkin Spice Muffins.

How cool is this? Free ribbon tote. I'm sure you have seen ribbon totes around. They normally sell for 20 dollars or more. I got the idea to make this from a yahoo group I'm on. The tote held an Oil of Olay gift set that I got for Christmas. I put that tote away as I thought I'd find a use for it sooner or later. Well I got to use it sooner than I thought!

I used my Big Bite (brother to the Crop-a-dile) to punch the holes in all the sides of the tote. Then just added the ribbon. Just love it when I can turn trash into treasure.

I made Pumpkin Spice muffins yesterday morning. Wanted to share the recipe with you. Very Weight Watcher friendly as there is no oil or eggs added.

1 box spice cake mix (I use Ducan Hines)
1 15 oz can of pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1/2 cup un-sweetened apple sauce
1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Set oven at 350

Makes 24

Spray muffin pans with cooking can line them with paper liners but the batter tends to stick to the liners and you waste some of the yummy goodness.

Mix all together. I use a hand mixer...batter will be thick. Spoon mix into wells of pan and bake following directions on the cake box for muffins. YUM!!!!!

More snow is coming in tonight. Suppose to have lots of the white stuff. Glad I don't have to drive to work in the stuff anymore.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Outfit

Nope not a new outfit for me.....I made a new outfit for my 5 inch doll baby. Isn't it just too darling?!!!! Skip said she looks like the little dutch boy on the paint can. I told him no "she" doesn't.

This outfit was a challenge to make. Lots of stitch changes. Since the stitches are so small and yes my eyes are older now....drat....really a pain getting older.....I'm only working on the doll clothes at the kitchen table during daylight hours. Seems I need more light to see where that little tiny hook needs to go.

I found the little teddy at Pat Catan's but it's just a bit to big for the doll. Speaking of Catan's I stopped there a few days ago to pick up some more crochet thread and I stopped by the dolls and they are almost all gone now. They had a ton of them right before Christmas. Guess there are lots of girls out there that thought they were just to cute to pass up.

Had more snow...everything is white. I went out and shoveled and two hours later you couldn't even tell I was out there shoveling. More on the way. JOY

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Recycled Stuff

A friend of mine from Rubber Road Adventures sent this link to our group, and I knew I had to make one. So I went up to Sonic yesterday and asked if I could have a cup carrier. They gave me one with no questions asked. I thought that was very nice of them.

The one on Tip Junkie's site was filled with wrapping paper items, curling ribbon, bows tape, scissors. I decided to make mine to use with stamping supplies. Still using the same Asparagus paper pack I've been using all week I covered the sides of the carrier. Used jumbo eyelets to make a few spots for ribbon rolls. Other things I put in the carrier, stamping sponges, pop dots, scissors, ruler, glue sticks, and cool little things clips all around it.

Collage alphabet stamp set from SU! used to spell out Supplies. Fun and easy project. Took me about an hour to put it all together.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Heart Tag and Lesson Learned

So I took the cute little crocheted heart I made and attached it to a tag using a tiny clothes pin. I really like how this came out. The ribbon on the top of the tag has wire in it that is how I got the ribbon bent so nice. Stamp sets by See-Dee's, Postal, and Hearts. Background on cream was done with Cuttlebug heart folder.

Now I did learn a lesson while making this card. As you can see in this photo I didn't get a good image with the word stamp used. That is because I tried to stamp it after I had embossed the background. So on the second attempt I stamped the word and sponged the edges then ran it though the folder. Perfect!!!! Of course I had to use the bakers twine on the card. From yesterday's blog entry you all saw how much bakers twine I have!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gearing Up

So I'm talking to my friend yesterday, and she goes I'll never get my cleaning done if I keep stopping to make stuff with the things I've found while cleaning. Had to laugh at that one. Well I'm finished with the studio. It's as clean and organized as I can get it. Here I've collected some items that I'll be using for Valentine cards and projects. I think I've gathered a wide array of things to use. Some rust hearts, fabric, buttons, crochet hearts, Sizzix heart die, tags, bags, dollies,ribbon, mini clothes pins, bling, paper, and stamps. I'll be starting tomorrow. Also will be opening up a store on Etsy. I'm excited about that. Check back for more info.

You can see in this pic of my desk it is in fact clean. I have lots of workable surface, and most of my stuff is pretty much in reach or at least I know where it is now!

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year *Recycle*Reuse*Card File

I've been cleaning out the junk in my house. Since the holidays are over and I'm not working at a day job now is the time to start cleaning out the clutter. Not only do I want to clean, but I want to get myself more organized, and I want to reuse items that normally would have been tossed. Here is a binder that was slated to be pitched but after looking at it and seeing all the dividers inside that already had pockets I'm thinking I can use this to create a card file for birthday cards.

I also found a big large pack of 12x12 designer paper that I got at Hobby Lobby, again years ago by Asparagus. It has tons of awesome papers that were just sitting on my paper rack gathering antique dust.

I kept it simple when I was covering the folder. I used Spellbinders dies for the cover and stamped "Cards" using Stampin'Up! Well Worn Alphabet. Another stamp set that has never seen ink till yesterday. And just between us the stamp set is still not put together. I only put together the letters that I needed. I know, I know.....I'm bad.

I just tied a ribbon around the spine, you'll remember this ribbon as I used it on the chipboard calendar and since it was still on my mess of a desk I decided to use it. I really like the inside cover. I used a clear sticky back envelope to hold postage stamps, and just a plain cream envelope to hold a note pad, and pen. Since I still had a few mini calendars I took them apart and used them on each divider. Instead of creating a pocket divider for each month I doubled them up so I just worked with the tabs that were in the binder, and still had two left over for the misc cards I have. Click on the picture to get a larger view of the tabs.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bar Coaster Calendar

So as you have been reading along you'll know I've been working on cleaning up the stamping studio. Still not completely finished but I'm pretty close. While going thought drawers I came across two bar coasters that I saved from Max & Erma's several years ago. Yep had them that long and didn't do a thing with them.

So I took a break from cleaning in the wee hours of the morning... 1:30 am to be exact and do something with these coasters. Remembered I picked up some little calendars at Hollo's and I still had that Bittersweet designer paper from Basic Grey still sitting on my desk...well I had to dig for it as the desk is still covered....yes I really did dig deep on the desk to find it. After covering both sides of the coasters I used the Crop-a-dile to make holes and set the large eyelets. Also found some fun dotted ribbon to tie the coasters together. All in all a fun project for wee hours of the morning.....going to bed now.

Stamping Trails
Karen 204