Monday, July 31, 2017

Mailable Monday # 103

Happy last Monday of July. 

Can't believe we are over halfway through summer. 

I was in a snit yesterday, and just mad. Lost only half a pound last week. 

I know what your least I lost something, but after all the walking

and watching what I eat I expected to lose 2 pounds. Since I was in a snit

I turned to retail therapy. Headed out to Pat Catan's and bought two new

embossing folders. Used the coffee cup for today's card. 

and check out this display stand! I bought it on clearance at Michael's a 

few weeks ago. Love it! 
 I used SU Nice Cuppa stamp set for the greeting and the heart. 

Here are the two Darice embossing folders I bought. 
Be back tomorrow with a card I made using the Donut Worry folder. 
Stamping trails

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I found a Rock

So as I started to tell you yesterday that while me and hubby

were walking around Brunswick Lake on Thursday I happened

to see this painted rock that caught my eye. 

It was placed in the lower corner of the Dino Track sign. 

Of course I had to pick it up. No name as who the artist was. 

The rock was dated and had Facebook Page info on the back. 

Northeast Ohio Rocks. The group was formed in 2016. They paint

rocks, and hide them in plain site so they may be found by someone. 

The person who finds the rock is suppose to go to the FB page and post 

a photo on where the rock was found, then hide it again. 

Well I thought it was a fun concept. I've been looking at there page, and

there are some very talented people who enjoy painting the rocks, and 

hiding them. Don't know if I'm going to get into painting rocks anytime soon, 

but I will be keeping my eye out to find another one! 

Oh I did hide my rock. Want to know where? Give you a hint it

is some place that I enjoy walking at. 

Speaking of walking me and hubby took a long walk today at 

Plum Creek. It was the first time I was able to hike the long Tulip trail. 

Its a little over a mile. I think they should have named it the goat path. 

Lots of hills, and steep steps to climb, but I made it! Made

me feel really good to do that! 

Stamping trails

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sweet Treats Coffee Sleeve Swap

This is my first altered coffee sleeve. 

Joined a swap with the Swappers Corner group, and the 

theme is Sweet Treats. 

This went together pretty quick as I didn't do any stamping. 

You'll recognize the yum charm I posted yesterday. I attached

it to a sheet of washi tape. 

Here is back view of the sleeve. I didn't want to leave it brown. 

I had to send hubby to get me Starbucks yesterday morning just so I 

could make this swap. So happy that they went back to the kraft color sleeves. 

There for awhile they were using white ones. Didn't like those. 

Oh and I found a rock when I was walking the other day....more on that


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Friday, July 28, 2017

Beaded Charms

Something new I've been playing around with. 

These are charms I'm making to hang off of pocket letter, and

some of the other swaps I make. 

Have to admit I am not very good at beading, but these

were not to difficult. Started off using an

eye pin. Then threaded the beads on the pin. 

Last step was to roll the end of the pin back on itself to form a loop. 

I need more practice at that. Sarah was helping me with them on Wednesday

while she was here. She is a good at beading. 

Close up of the ice cream cone charm. Used alphabet beads to

spell yum. 
And to my friend Kym....yes the parrot charm is yours. 

Stamping trails

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Altered Paper Clip Masks

These are my latest altered paper clips. 

I found this really cool Graphic 45 paper at Hollo's a 

week or so ago. Soon as I saw the masks I knew they

would make great paper clip art. 

Don't know if the photo picks it up, but I added some

glass glitter to the masks. 

Click on the image to enlarge the photo you

may be able to see the detail. I also used clear wink of Stella

on the eyes. 

This photo of Sarah was taken yesterday. Hubby and her

went and picked gladiolas from the front flower bed. 

The flowers are so pretty! 

Stamping trails

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Walking with Dinosaurs

Okay I'm back today to show the photos of the Dino Trail. 

They put this little path that leads up to benches at Brunswick Lake. 

the beginning of the trail. The tracks start off small then

get bigger as the dinos get larger. 

the tracks are mixed with different dinos

Hubby walking in the tracks. 

Look even little tracks. 

I like that they mixed nautilus shells in with the tracks. 

Here are the benches. 

The kids at the  schools made artwork to be added to the top of the benches. 

I really like the artwork of the dino getting a drink. 

and I like the mastodon. 
Sarah is coming over this morning. We are going to visit grandma and 
take her lunch. She likes McDonald's hamburgers so we are going to
get her those along with some fries. After that we are going
to hit a few stores and do some shopping. Should be a great day! 
Stamping trails

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yellow Skies

I forgot to post these photos late week. 

We had a little storm, just before the sun went down. I happened 

to look out the window and the sky looked yellow. 

Both of these photos were taken out my front door. 

This photo will really show that the sky was yellow. 

My kitchen walls are white, but in this photo they appear


It was different so I decided to take the photos. 

Me and hubby went walking around Brunswick Lake yesterday around

6 pm. I wish I had brought my camera. So how many times do I say that? 

We saw a snake, groundhog, fish jump out of the water, dinosaur tracks (I'll explain

that one later with pictures as I'm going back today and take them)

and we saw two young boys who were maybe ten and they were fishing. 

One of the boys caught a bass and we watched him reel him in. 

So it was an exciting walk! 
Sending a shout out to my friend Kat. She knows why. Wishing
you all the best girlfriend! 

Stamping trails

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mailable Monday #203

So let me just step well away from my comfort zone, and

do something a little abstract. 

The pink layer that the face is stamped on was done

using the polished stone technique. Haven't done that one

for awhile, so I got my fingers nice and inky yesterday. 

The stamp set is called Shattered Pieces, and made by Dylusions. 

This isn't what I first reach for when buying a stamp set, but

I thought it would be great to use with some of the artist trading card 

swaps that I join. 
I really like that the stamp set came with a stencil. You can see that I used it under
the stamped layer in pink.

I added some washi tape and a greeting to the bottom of the card. 

Greeting is from a Tim Holtz set called Paris Adventure. 
I lost 2.3 pounds last week. Go me! I'm just plugging right along with
the 2 pound loss a week. I think it also helps that me and hubby have
been taking walks, and in this heat I'm just melting off the fat. LOL 
Stamping trails

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dog Days of Summer ATC

Dog days of Summer. Well not yet. I believe 

they start in August, but this is my artist trading card

that I made for the month of August swap. 

I love it! Used Tim Hotlz Crazy Dog set. The

sun rays are from a Tim Hotlz layering stencil. 

The words were made using my Dymo label maker, and DOG was die cut

with SU! Little Letters. 

The dog was stamped on Kraft cardstock then color was added with Prisma pencils. 

So for my friend Kym......just for you I'm finished posting Christmas in July projects....

for now anyway! 

Stamping trails

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Punch Art Santa

Well I've already stated how hot its been here. 

I am melting! 

We went hiking around the lake yesterday afternoon, and

my hair was soaking wet because I was sweating so bad. 

Well I guess I got rid of some excess salt! 

So because its so hot I made my Santa punch art look very "cool"

Gave him some shades! I think he is pretty funny looking, but

I think this will make a good gift card holder for one of the boys. 

And I have to share this photo with you. 

I was driving by Paninis restaurant, and they
have this very large inflatable Santa Claus. Guess they
must be having a Christmas in July thing going on. 
Since no one was right behind my car on the road I stopped
and snapped the photo. I really think he needs to be wearing shorts, 
sunglasses, and lots of suntan lotion. 
Stamping trails

Friday, July 21, 2017

Snowman Cocoa Holders

These happy little snowmen were made using the envelope 

punch board, and different punches. 

They will hold a package of hot chocolate, and a candy cane, but

since its 90 plus degrees here there is no hot chocolate in my house.

I also have to add that I didn't want to buy any. Plenty of time

for hot cocoa later! 

This isn't my idea. I found it while surfing Pinterest. 

I did change it up just a bit. Instead of the black buttons I

added the greeting. The brim on the hat was popped also

give it some dimension.
And because I know that you will want to make these cute little men to....
Here is the link to the blog that has the video on it. View it here

So I've been melting. I'm hoping that all the Christmas in July stuff will

help me think of winter being around the corner and that it will be

freezing here once again! 

Stamping trails

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Christmas in July Lip Balm Holders

How bout some stocking stuffers? 

These cute little holders contain a lip balm. 

I made one to look more for a guy by using the deer done

in silver. Hey guys need to use lip balm in the winter months also. 

For the red one I used Scentsational Season stamp set with

the matching dies. Greeting is a Project Life set called Holiday Cheer. 

Both sets by SU!
For the cut out I used a Spellbinder set. I wanted the lip balm to
show through the box. 

The deer is a Spellbinder set that came out last year. Super cute! 

I thought he looked good with the designer paper that

had the Night Before Christmas words on it. 

The little trees is a die that was part of the Square Pillow box thinlits. 
I know you want to make these also so I'm adding the link to a video I
found. You can view it here

Stamping trails

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tutorial Tuesday Envelope Punch Board Card Holder

I'm back continuing with Christmas in July. 

I've received several emails requesting info on how

to make these Envelope Punch card holders. 

The holders are sized to fit A2 cards, and can hold 8 cards and 8 envelopes. 

You will need 2 pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock. 

Cut one of the pieces into a 9x9 inch square. 

Place one edge into the envelope punch board at the 3 1/2 inch mark.

Punch then use the score tool, and make a score line following the diagonal groove in the board. 

Now slide the cardstock to the 4 1/2 inch mark. Punch then

use the score tool, and make a score line following the diagonal groove in the board. 

You will not need to use ruler at the top of the board again after completing the above steps. 

Now turn the cardstock just as you would when making an envelope on the board. 

I've darken the score lines so you can see. Place the first score line so

it lines up with the marker. Punch then use the score tool, and make a score line following

the diagonal groove in the board. Slide the cardstock over to the next scored line. Punch, 

and score again. 

You will continue to turn the cardstock, punch, and score till all 4 sides have been punched and scored. 

This is how the scored cardstock will look when you are finished with the above steps. 

Cut and remove the top two flaps. See the shaded area. 

Those are the two pieces to remove. 

On the bottom end cut on the bold line on each side. 

Now use the bone folder on all the score lines and make sure to get good creases so

The cardstock can be folded into a box. 

Apply adhesive to the flaps. They will be folded up to form the box. 

You will also need to apply adhesive to the flaps. 

After the box is made apply adhesive to the back of the envelope as

it will be adhered to the back of the card holder. 

Set the box aside for now. 

With the second piece of cardstock cut two pieces each measuring
5 7/8 x 11
Score one end of each piece at 3/4 of an inch. If you plan to stamp
on the cover that now. Apply

adhesive to both and adhere to the bottom of the envelope card box. 

Adhere the the back of the envelope box to the cover. 

I used the large oval punch to make the handles of the holder. 

Here is a view of the inside. You can decorate the card box however you like. 

Side view of the holder closed. I used ribbon to keep the holder closed.

I also wanted to share some more of the cards I made using that One Sheet Wonder that

I posted yesterday. The wooden snowflakes go great with the natural colors I used

on the holder and stamped piece. 

Not going to post them all as this post is getting pretty long. 
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions just write me a post. 
Stamping trails