Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Tree Frap

Well hubby did something out of character yesterday.

We were coming home from Kate's funeral, and it was
pretty cold out. I told him I was going to make
us a pot of coffee soon as we got home. 
He said forget that. "Lets go to Starbucks"
He went in the shop, and came back with
the new limited time Christmas Tree fraps. I
was shocked! Needless to say they tasted wonderful,
even if it was cold out. About that pot of coffee I said I was
going to make......about two hours after we got home hubby
made a pot. 
Stamping trails

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Goodbye Kate

Saying goodbye is never easy. It's harder when you 

feel like you have lost a woman who was a second mother to you. 

I could write a very long post and tell you all about Kate, but

I am to choked up to do so. 

This is a frame art that I made her several years ago. She

loved to roller skate, and made her own skating outfits. 

Photo of Grandma Kate with Sarah, and John. 

Your passing leaves a whole in our hearts Katie. 

We will always treasure our memories we made with you. 

Thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms into

your family. I'll never forget you. 

With saddened heart


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Tim Holtz Paper Dolls Winter ATC

Here are some of the artist trading cards I made to swap for 

the month of December. Love Tim Holtz paper dolls. 

This is the winter collection. I missed out on getting the Halloween ones. 

Hopefully I'll be able to find them somewhere. 

Lovely as a Tree stamp were used for the background. 

I like the simplicity of this card. 

I liked it so much in fact had to go back and make a
memorydex card using them. Still use Lovely as a Tree, but
I also used Tim Holtz Tree thinlit. It was cut with silver foil. 
Added black, and pearl beads for the buttons. 
In memory of Skip's mom Kate we made a large pot
of spaghetti and meatballs yesterday. Of course
it was not anywhere near as good as Kate's. She was famous for
that dish. Thinking of you Katie. Miss you bunches! 

I posted the obituary on FB, but wanted to post it again here on the blog. 

You can view it here

Stamping trails

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Swing Snowman Tag

Back with another tag. 

The tag is embossed with Northern Flurry folder (SU retired).

The snowman is also a retired set from SU called Snow much Love. 

I added a another smaller tag on top of the large tag. I used

a brad to attach it. 

By using the brad the top tag can swing to see the message under it. 

Well we see this present is from me....I wonder who it is going to? 

I went out and did a little Christmas shopping with John yesterday afternoon. 

Had fun with him. We haven't been out together just the two of us. Got to 

catch up, and just have fun. 

Found this bag of truffles at Wal-Mart.

If you like gingerbread (like me!!!!) I urge you to pick up a bag of these. 

SOOOOOO good!!!!

 5:12 am.

At the time I wrote this post last night my dear mom in law Kate was sleeping peacefully.

I just found out she passed away in her sleep this morning. She was a wonderful woman who would

do anything for you. Kate was just like a second mother to me. I learned

a lot from her, and she taught me many a life lesson. She will be dearly missed. 

May you rest in peace Kathryn

Stamping trails

Monday, December 4, 2017

Scallop Circle Snowman Tag

Well this is not a Mailable Monday project, but

I just haven't been able to keep the blog updated. 

Thought I better post soon or my readers might

think something happened to me. 

This happy little guy is part of the gift tags I've been

making. Made with different sized scallop circle punches, and

free hand cut shapes. 

The is a 1 3/8 circle punch. Hat made with square punch. 

The greeting is by SU Project Life set called Holiday Cheer. 

Just an update on my mom in law. Katie is holding her own. 

The doctors say is could be anytime. I think Kate will go out when she 
is good and ready. She hasn't woken up for 3 days now. The waiting and
worrying is so hard on the family. I'm thankful that she is resting comfortably, and
not in any pain. 
Stamping trails

Thursday, November 30, 2017

No People Like Snow People

I've been working on some Christmas gifts. 

This happy little guy was made using different punches. 

Head and hat 1 3/8 circle punch

Hat brim large oval punch

Middle body 2 inch circle punch

Bottom body 2 1/2 inch

Nose was free hand cut. Scarf

is a 1/2 strip of designer paper, and I used the

banner punch to make the notches in the scarf ends. 

The brown paper with snow flakes is from a paper pack called

Ice Crystals. I picked that up from Michael's.

The greeting at the bottom is a stamp made by Anita's Sugarloaf. 

The blue frame I picked up at Marc's. I liked this frame

because it has a shiny metallic finish.
Mom in law Katie is slowly slipping away from us. 
Thanks for your prayers. 
Stamping trails

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

One Fine Fall Day

We we were at the lake in October I took a bunch of photos

but didn't get around to posting them. 

Since I haven't had time to craft I thought this would be

a great time to share them. 

Of course here is my hubby looking out over the lake. 

I like how the sunlight was hitting the leaves through the trees. 

More shadows of the sun through the trees. 

Mallard duck enjoying the sun. 

Me and hubby. He put the camera up on a tree stump to

take this photo. 

Me on the bridge. I never should have given him 

the camera as all he does is take photos of me. Which

by the way I don't like being done. 

So I having been crafting because my dear mom in law Kate took

a fall at the home a few days ago. She fracture her hip. She has since

been moved to Hospice. She is not eating so I'm thinking this is going to 

be the beginning of the end. Please say a prayer for her and the family. Thanks. 

Stamping trails

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Barbie Tree

I got the Barbie tree up on Friday. 

So happy to see all the Barbie ornaments as I

haven't had this tree up for two years. The past two

Christmas's we have put up the large tree. 

Around the base of the tree I put some of the dolls I have in boxes. 

Hubby found me a 57 Cadillac at Halmark. It's a copy of a 

pedal car, but its pink, and a Cadillac so perfect for Barbie, as 

every girls dreams of a pink car! Right? 

Took some photos of the ornaments. These

are all Hallmark. 

Took many years to collect them all. 

and of course the tree has pink, and white lights. 

Stamping trails

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Scrap Happy Sunday #6

Sorry I have been missing in action for the past few days. 

Trying to recover after Thanksgiving and Sarah's birthday. 

With all the cleaning and cooking I was just to tired to stamp. 

I'm back today, and well rested. 

Today's card was made using a stamp that Betty found for me at Hollo's. 

It is a retired SU stamp, and part of a set, but I don't remember which one.

Hollo's split up some retired SU sets and were selling some of the single stamps for

as low as .50 each. What a deal! Thanks Betty for thinking of me! 

Love the shabby chic elephant! 

The greeting came from an old See De's stamp set called

Morsels Phrases, and Sentiments. 

While I was digging out the Christmas tree from the crawl space I found

an entire box full of See De's stamps. 

Take a look. A few of them are from different companies, but

most are See De's. When Pat Catan's was selling them for a buck

years ago I purchased a ton of them. Can't very well pass up

one dollar stamps....can we? 

The house is decorated for Christmas now. I'll take a photo of the

tree and post sometime this week. I decided not to put up the large tree. 

Went with the Barbie tree instead. I haven't had it up for two years now,

and was missing my Barbie ornaments. 

Stamping trails

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday Sarah!

Hard to believe that this sweet little baby is 35 today. 

This photo was taken with her dad at my parents home

on Oak Park. 

I gave birth to Sarah on Tuesday. Two days before Thanksgiving, 

and every now and then we get to eat birthday cake, 

and pumpkin pie! Her birthday lands on Thanksgiving this year. 

Here's my little princess (as my mom called her) tired out from 

a long day at the Cleveland Zoo. 

Sarah, brother John (in the middle), and cousin Corbet on

Uncle Tony's bike. 

Being silly!

Christmas time in Washington State. 

Hat in the air...all grown up. 

Senior photo. 

Christmas last year. 

Proud of you little girl. You grew up to be a beautiful woman. 

So I made her cupcakes this year. Black Forest cupcakes. 

Don't they look yummy! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Later today we will be putting up the tree. 

Thankful trails

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mini Pumpkin Loaves

I got up early yesterday morning and made pumpkin bread. 

Since the heat was still off, and it was cold turning on the 

oven was a great idea. 

My friend Kat got me this cool mini loaf pan tin from Wilton. 

So I got to use it for the first time. 

I had to tear my kitchen apart last week just so I could find

my pumpkin bread recipe. I got it from the Plain Dealer

several years ago, and it is the best one I've ever made. 

I need to put it on a recipe card so I can keep it in my box, so

I won't lose it again.

We did have heat last night thank goodness! The guys are

coming back over this morning to finish off the work. 

Thanks to my friend Betty for letting me visit and make cards with her

yesterday. I didn't want to hang out at home while the new heater was putting in. 

Stamping trails 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scenes from the Mall

Couldn't work in my craft room yesterday as 

our heater went out. We will be getting it

replaced sometime this morning. It was a very

cold night for us. At least it didn't go below freezing, but

gosh was it cold! 

So instead of projects today I'm posting some photos that I 

took at the mall a few days ago. 

Isn't this dress something? 

I've seen trees that you can get that are designed this way on 

a dress makers dummy, but I didn't know you could

buy an actual Christmas tree dress! 

The Ice Palace. Santa hangs out there waiting for kids

to tell him what they are wishing for Christmas. 

Love the polar bears.

Snowy trees around the palace. 

Hubby took this photo of me....and no I didn't visit with Santa! 

View from the escalator. 

I'll be back tomorrow...hopefully warmer! 

Stamping trails

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mailable Monday #219

Well Mr. Turkey has his back against the 

barn door this week. 

He is protesting for people to "eat more beef"! 

Sorry couldn't resist! And I'm sorry Mr. Turkey,

but I'll be seeing you on the table on Thursday! 

The turkey stamp I got several years ago. Not sure what company

put him out. I do like that he also came with a turkey feet stamp. 

The greeting I made on my Dymo machine. 

The hardwood background is a stamp from SU. 

I didn't get a clean image with the background stamp and

this piece ended up in that scrap bag I have, so I decided to use it. 

Today I'll be cleaning up the kitchen. Have to scour the sink, and the stove top. 

Then later we are going to take a break and catch a movie. 

We got a few snow flurries yesterday, but none of them stuck around for long. 

Oh and I have to wrap Sarah's birthday gifts.Busy, busy!!!!

Stamping trails

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Scrap Happy Sunday #5

Welcome back to Scrap Happy Sunday. 

This is the 5th card I've made using that scrap bag I showed you

5 weeks ago. 

After making 5 cards I see that I haven't made a dent in the scrap bag! 

So I think I'll be making these for awhile. 

I used SU stamp set Tap, Tap, Tap. 

Love that set! 

See the little strip of burgundy showing. That

my dear readers is mulberry paper. 

Every once in a big life time I pull some out and use it. 

It rained cats, and dogs here all day! So didn't get outside much.

Me and hubby did hit the grocery store early yesterday, and picked

up the turkey. The big guy (18pounds) is chillin out in the fridge defrosting. 

The menu is all planned. There of course will be prep work, and baking

before Thursday. Looking forward to it! 

Stamping trails

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Photo Sleeve Holder for Die Cuts

This holder that Kathleen made for me is really cool. 
She said she got the idea from Pinterest. Its a plastic photo sleeve that
she got at the dollar store then covered. Added a Velcro closure. 

Here is what the photo holder looks like. 

Where the photos would go she added different die cuts. 

Pretty darn clever! Love all the die cuts! Again

she is the queen of the dies! 

She also made me this cute little favor with the candy box punch board. 

I was thinking I really need this punch board, but I'm talking myself out of it. 

My stamping studio is bursting at the seams as it is! 
So the plan for the day is shopping for the turkey, and picking up
all the items needed for the big dinner. Also need to do some prep work
so I don't have so much to make on Thursday. 

Stamping trails