Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tea Themed Pocket Letter

Here is a tea theme pocket letter that I made 

for Kathleen. She received my swap on Monday so

its safe to post it now. 

Close up view of the fiber tassel and beaded charm. 

I thought tea for 2 was a good idea. Attached to the bottom of the
charm is a little silver teapot. 
Tag I made to go on the package. 

The words were done on my Dymo maker. 

Since the ladies on the designer paper had an afternoon

tea party theme I just stuck with that. 

One more package tag. 

and last one. 

I've been busy cleaning up my stamping studio. 

Pretty messy in there! As much as I try to organize

I always end up with to little area, and to much stuff!

Maybe I need to stop she rolls her eye, 
and thinks like that that will ever happen! 
Stamping trails

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More Swaps to Share

I have another swap I received to share with you today. 

This one was made by Shelley. 

The base of the ice cream cart was made using a coffee sleeve. 

You know those things they give you at Starbucks to go around your

hot coffee cup. 

So clever of her to cover it completely and turn it into

the cart. Love the little awing on top. So dang cute!!!! 

She also sent me some additional goodies in a pretty

pink and white stripe bag. 

Thanks Shelley! 

This cowgirl memorydex card was made by Carmen, and was sent

to me from Puerto Rico. Thanks Carmen! Love it! 

Stamping trails

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mailbox Overload, and Over Joyed!

Mailbox overload! 

I want to thank my crafting buddy Kathleen for the awesome

coffee/tea theme swap. Even though it is still August I felt

like my birthday came early this year! 

Lots of goodies. 

New coffee mug. The other side of the mug reads

1. coffee
     2. chocolate
3. wine   

Kathleen created a fabulous flipbag using a brown grocery bag. 

It is sooooooo big and roomie! 

One of my favorite pieces is the vellum pocket she stitched

together using her sewing machine. 

It has lots of pockets to hold goodies. 

and a pocket letter. Just adore the brown and pink color theme. 

and more goodies! 

Love the memorydex cards. This one is coffee, and 

the second one is tea themed. 

Super cute Kathleen love it all! 

Sending prayers and hugs my friend. So sorry to hear about your

sister being in the hospital. Hoping for a speedy recovery for her. 

Please keep me posted. 

Stamping trails

Monday, August 28, 2017

Mailable Monday #208

So it is Monday once again. Time 

for another Mailable Monday card. 

The face image was stamped on a one sheet wonder

piece of cardstock then layered on black. 

The background was done using Tim Holtz Harlequin layering stencil. 

I thought the greeting went well with the girls eyelashes, as

they look like wings. 

Since I don't think a card is truly complete without something

on the inside...I brought in some of the elements that were used

on the front. There is still plenty of room to hand write a message. 
Sending hugs and prayers to my school hood friend Joey. He is 
in ICU now. Speedy recovery my friend. 
Stamping trails

Sunday, August 27, 2017


I have a few more photos of the last week's trip to share. 

Couldn't do any crafting as I hurt my ankle walking at the park the

other day, and it was hurting to much to down the steps to my crafting area. can't go down south without getting some BBQ. 

Around the corner from our hotel room was a drive through place. 

Picture Sonic. It was like that but much better. 

This is the smoker they have out front. 

Name of the place is Full Service BBQ 

The food was excellent! The walls were painted 

with chalkboard paint and visitors wrote messages on it. 

See what I mean? 

Looks like Lauren is a naughty girl as she likes hot boys. LOL

Here is what I put. Not much room on the walls left but

I squeezed this on the bottom. 

Hubby was jumping up to write this on the top of the wall. 

The BBQ place has buckets of chalk to use, and bubbles with large wands. 

I didn't get into those as it was pretty hot outside. 

Also had over sized game boards. 

We took the food back to our room. Best BBQ I've ever had. 

Here's to hoping my ankle will be better tomorrow. 

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Update on 3 Pocket Letter Doll Swap

Remember that three pocket doll letter I posted awhile back?

You can view it here

Anyway this is the swap that I received in return. 

So cute. I like how she made the last pocket into a shaker. 

And the tassel! So cute! 

Here is the backside showing the goodies. 

She also included some other fun stuff.

Love the little doll coin purse, and look doll washi tape

that I can color! 

Yesterday I went to the post office to mail a swap to my crafty buddy Kathleen. 

Later took a walk. I made a chicken in my crockpot, and the pot cracked during

the cooking process. Same thing happened to my friend Kat not so long ago. 

I have two crocks. The one that cracked is the large one. Not sure I'm going to replace it

yet. I may just use the smaller one. 

I started pulling out the Halloween crafting stash. Working on a mega

Halloween swap. That should be fun! I'm ready now to decorate the house for Fall. 

Stamping trails

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Visit to A.C. Moore

I got to visit an A.C. Moore craft store while we were

traveling to see the eclipse. 

They don't have these stores in my neck of the woods, so it

was fun to visit one again. 

While the store did have some things that I haven't seen at 

Pat Catan's, the prices for most of the stuff was about the same. 

Except for tape runners. I just about

choked when I saw 14.99 for a 6 pack of them. 

Pat Catan's sells them for 6.99. 

I did pick up a few goodies. 

The 6x6 paper packs were 2.50 each, so I got an assortment of them. 

Mostly holiday ones. The print is small so I thought they would make good

clothing for my Julie Nutting dolls. 

I had to get the kidz erasers as they are shaped like purses. 

And guess who is getting the pink one? 

and I picked up some Fall/Halloween stickers to use with swaps. 
Till tomorrow.....
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pumpkin, Caramel, and Babie Mug

So Fall is just around the corner folks! Even if you 

are not ready for will be here soon. 

These Caramel Apple Filled candies always call my name, 

and they are only out during this time of the year. 

25 calories a pop, so if you are counting calories keep that in mind. 

Another one of my new favs is Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. 

I picked these up over the weekend when me and hubby were 

shopping at Marc's. He just rolled his eyes at me. It is to

soon he says to have pumpkin stuff everywhere. 

Well it is never too early if you happen to love 

pumpkin everything! 

and what goes well with pumpkin flavored everything?

Why a good cup of coffee of course. My sis in law

Cheryl gave me this wonderful Barbie cup last week. 

Love the design, and color. Thanks Cheryl! 
Stamping trails

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart

So me and hubby loaded up the van, and drove

to Sweetwater TN to see the eclipse.
It was awesome! We had totality a little over 2 minutes. 
Everyone cheered when the sun was covered. So cool!

Photo doesn't do it justice. There was red aura around the moon, and

it was changing colors. Wish that could have been captured on the photo. 
These were taken with Skip's camera. 
Click on the photos to enlarge. I made a viewfinder that

NASA recommended. Since it was made with cardstock, and 

everyone knows I have plenty of that around! We were sitting on the side

of Walmart along with a ton of other people and there were shopping carts next

to the van. Anyway I put one 12x12 piece of white cardstock on top of the cart. The

other piece of cardstock had a square hole that I cut and was covered with tin

foil and a pin hole in the center of it. Perfect way to view the eclipse safely.
Skip hanging out on the camp chairs waiting for the big event. 

I also made a pinhole camera with a Cheerios box. He

brought along his arc welding glasses so we could look at the event, but

the old school science girl in me wanted to use the pinhole camera. 

Places along the way were offering parking for 20 dollars. I can't beleive

anyone would pay to park when there were plenty of places to park for free. 

As I said there were tons of people in the Walmart parking lot. 

Several people had telescopes. 

Of course traffic was horrendous when we left. 

People were there from all over the states. 

See the speed limit sign? I took it cause in TN there are these vines

that creep up and cover everything. 

But also because of our speed at the time. LOL

It took us almost 3 hours to drive 26 miles on the freeway. 

I would do it again. So worth it to see such a special event. 

I'll be back with more photos of the trip tomorrow. 

Oh after the event on the radio they were playing Total Eclipse of the Heart by

Bonnie Tyler. They also played Bad Moon Rising by CCR. 

Celestial trails

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Yellow Watermelon?

So have you ever had a yellow watermelon? 

I wasn't aware they even had them till me and 

hubby stopped by Heritage Farm last week. 

Located right here in Brunswick Heritage Farm

has many farmers come to sell there crops. 

We went there to find a seeded watermelon as 

hubby has it in his head that the seedless melons are

not as sweet as the ones that do have seeds. I

don't taste the difference. 

It must be to early for locals to have ripe melons, but

we did find a girl selling yellow ones. 

Here is an inside view of the melon. Didn't even taste like

watermelon to me. It wasn't bad just different. Don't think I'll be 

getting another one. 

Stamping trails