Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Playing Catch Up

My house is a complete mess. Hubby is working on the main bathroom. We are going to re-model it all, and once one room is a mess all of them are. The only peace I have in the house now is my craft room. Thank goodness! One place I can run to for cover!

And to add to the mess we are in the middle of cleaning out our storage among other areas to have a yard sale. JOY!!! We were going to do it this weekend but didn't quite get everything ready so it's going to have to wait till next weekend.

I have to tell you that my weigh in on Thursday went well. I lost 2 pounds. So I lost the pound I gained the week before and lost a bit more. YAY. Counting points has really been helping me stay on plan so I'm going to stick with that at least till the end of summer.

Me and hubby went to Red Lobster on Friday night for dinner. It was really great!!!! They have a Light House menu with all the NI so I was able to figure out my points. Had 1/2 order broiled salmon that came with steamed broccoli, jumbo shrimp cocktail, and garden salad. I was satisfied with the meal and it came to a mere 10 points. I would recommend everyone to check it out!
The book I recovered from the weigh in book that Weight Watchers gives you to record your weight loss progress. Mine fell apart so being the crafty gal that I am I recovered it. I had some packs of designer paper and stickers from SU that was a level one set ages ago. I used that along with the bind-it-all, and Xyron maching. Went together very quick and more important I had fun doing it. I'll be working on some more projects with the Bind-It-All.
For the rest of today I plan to go visit mom, wrap birthday gifts to get ready for the mail, harvest some cabbage from the garden and grill it later today to go along with the rest of dinner. Hubby wants me to make cold slaw. Which I can do of course I'll be steering clear of it as he likes his with all the fatty mayo. YUCK. OOPS which reminds me I better stop at the grocery store on the way back from mom's as I know I'm out of carrots. We did plant some in the garden but they are not big enough to harvest yet.
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Karen 196

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Inchie Card/More Zucchini

I had fun today making this cute little cat card. Remember those cat stamp from Ink-a-dink-a-do I bought several weeks ago? Well I pulled them out of my clear stamp box and created this card. I also got out some retired SU cardstock. River Rock designer paper, Wild Wasabi, and Groovy Guava. Love these colors together! Still playing with the out of the box techinque with Nestibilites. This time I used the rectangle ones. The large cat I stamped twice once on the white and again on the designer paper. Cut out just the body of the cat from the designer paper and "popped" that piece over the body of the large cat. Talk about using a ton of pop dots.......4 on each of the smaller cat images also stamped on the River Rock designer paper, 6 on the Wild Wasabi cardstock, and still more on the cat body. Glad I always stock pile pop dots. Other things used...River Rock ribbon, and a very tiny jingle bell used on the cat's tail. I chose not to use a "Word" stamp on this card on the outside as the little cat in the corner carries a message of Best Friend.
So I'm still working on using all the zucchini in the garden. Last night I made french fried zucchini. Very good. Even hubby liked it. I was surprised about that. To him if it's not fried in a ton of oil it's not done right.
Heat oven to 425, spray baking sheet with cooking spay.
Cut zucchini in to slices. Leave the skins on.
Mix some flour with a tsp of Italian seasoning, and 1/2 tsp salt in small bowl.
In other bowl whip two eggs whites till they are frothy. In a third bowl pour out some Panko Bread Crumbs. I used the ones by Progresso.
Dredge zucchini in flour mixture, then in egg, then in bread crumbs. Once its all coated and on the baking sheet spray the pieces with more cooking spray. Bake in oven about 12 minutes turning halfway between. Another very yummy recipe!!!! For those of you counting points 2 points for 8 pieces.
I've not used Panko crumbs before but I have to tell you they brown up better than any other crumbs I've ever used. Panko is the Japanese word for bread crumb. It's made from the softer inside part of the bread instead of the crust part. Using this part gives it a crunchier texture.
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Karen 198

Friday, July 17, 2009


I have to tell you I weighed in yesterday morning at the Weight Watchers meeting and I gained a pound. I really dislike it when that happens. My weight loss has slowed down over the past few months, so I decided today to get back on the side of the plan that you count all the points. I have been following the Simply Filling technique, but I think I need to get control of tracking again and weighing everything. I know it's a pain but I think it will help get me back on track.

Thought I'd share a few pics of other things growing in the garden. We planted lots of cabbage. This one is just about ready to harvest.

Also planted some yellow squash. Think hubby is going to be proud of the size of these also!
I didn't take a picture of the zucchini soup I made but I wanted to share the recipe with you. It was so good! It's going to be a family fav!
Zucchini Soup
1 diced onion
2 stalks chopped celery
1 and 1/2 pound lean sweet turkey sausage removed from casings
1 can 12 oz mushrooms (do not drain) I use no salt added cans
2 cans tomato pieces (do not drain) (again I use the no salt kind)
3 cups chopped zucchini
1 package Good Season's Zesty Italian dressing
Brown sausage, onion, and celery. Once the sausage is cooked add the contents of the cans. Remember not to drain the cans. There is no additional liquid added to this recipe so you'll need that water from the cans. Stir in the dressing packet. Stir in the zucchini. Cover and simmer about 30 minutes. Again I can't say it enough......YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Makes 10 servings. For those who may be counting those points......3 points per serving.
Thanks Nancy for leaving me a comment about zucchini jam. I just found out about that this week while I've been on the search for things to do with all the garden bounty. I'll be making it this weekend. Of course I'll be sharing how it came out.
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Karen 198 (oh that was painful to type)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

YUM! Zucchini Bread

If you stopped by to visit my blog yesterday you have seen proud hubby coming out of the garden with two very large zucchini. If you didn't see the pic yesterday go look I'll wait.................................................


Can you believe how big they are!!!!

Now it's my job to come up with some ways to use all this bounty. Thanks Melissa for sharing her tips with me about her garden and how she freezes her shredded zucchini in batches for later use. Check out her comment on yesterday's post.

Now this bread smelled so good I just had to try a piece. I made it a little different from my standard recipe. I added cocoa powder to it. Really good!!!!

Zucchini Bread Karen Style

3/4 cup Splenda Granular

1/2 brown sugar

1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce

2 egg whites

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

few dashes of ground sea salt (or use 1/2 tsp salt)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 and 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1 and 1/2 cup shredded zucchini packed. I peeled and seeded the zucchini before shredding. After it's been shredded place in cheese cloth and squeeze as much liquid out as you can. Don't forget to do this.

preheat oven at 350

Mix first 5 ingredients in small bowl. In a large mixing bowl mix next 6 ingredients. Add contents of small bowl to large bowl and mix. Fold in shredded zucchini. Spray loaf pan with butter flavored cooking spray, pour in batter. Bake in oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Bread is done when toothpick comes out clean from the center. Makes 8 servings.
Watch for more zucchini recipes. Tomorrow I'll be posting one for zucchini soup. Made that today for dinner and was it ever good!!!!
Thanks Kat for sending me this very beautiful card. You make good times great too Kat!
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Karen 197

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Using New Stuff......WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

Remember all the fun stuff I showed you yesterday? Well I thought I'd get busy and start using some of it. The butterfly image is called Monarch. Made by Inque. That cool looking white border at the bottom is the new Spellbinder Border that I purchased. Added some half pearl beads to it.

Now the purple cardstock I purchased at Holl's. It's a textured paper and a very close match to SU Perfect Plum. Other cardstock used More Mustard, White. Butterfly was colored with Perfect Plum and Barely Banana using an aqua painter.

What the Heck is That? That dear readers is my hubby looking so proud of the zucchini he grew. I told him that those two alone could feed a family of 4 for one month!
Now I have to get busy making zucchini bread and zucchini soup, and roasted zucchini on the grill. My mind is spinning over all the things I can do with it. I'm sure I'm going to end up freezing some of it.
Have a great day
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Karen 197

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

60.00 Dollars

So what will 60.00 buy you at your favorite craft store? At my favorite hang out Pat Catan's it buys plenty!
Went out on Sunday for some retail therapy and came home with:
3 packs of Once Upon a Time rub-on's (still clinging to the hope Sarah will one day get married, this is for her album)
2 packs silver charms
4 packs brads (steal at .50 each)
1 4th of July stamp (hey I know the holiday is over but there is next year)
2 large stamp sets by Inque
Arabesque, and Joyeus Noel (again a steal! 2.97 each)
Chipbord (1.00 yes I know I have a ton of it, but I have plans for this....really I do!!!! Stop judging me!!!!)
In Stich'z by Bazzill (come on it was on clearance for 1.00 had to have it)
Cuttlebug Borders "Just my Type" Love the borders!!! Yes had to have this too at 4.97
Inque 12x12 cardstock that comes with "be still my heart" More chipboard! Had to have it as it matches the Inque stamp set I own French Quarter. I know someone right now who is reading this and reaching for the phone to call her friend and have her pick up a pack for her also as she has this know who you are.
And the best find of the day....................................
New Spellbinders!!!!
Borderabilities Classic Lace Border and
Frameabilities Classic Frame...Each of these a mere 14.97 each. And that my dear readers is how you spend 60.00 bucks at my favorite craft store.
Gotta run or I'll be late for work!
Stamping Trails.
Karen 197

Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of the Box

Just learned out to make things with Nesties using the out of the box technique. This is so easy and fun to do! The bird from Autumn Day SU stamp set was stamped using Really Rust ink on Confetti White card stock. The bird's tail was cut with hobby knife.
The stamped cardstock was then put in the circle Nestie with the tail outside of the die then it was ran though the Cuttlebug. Really hard to explain without pictures so if you'd like to try this yourself click here
Other things used for this card includes: scallop border punch, Martha Stewart leaf punch, chocolate chip twill tape, Sanded Background and Season by Season stamp set by SU.
Losing all hope for the corn that I posted about yesterday. As I said the stalks were not broken but they were blown down on the side right over the tomato plants. Skip and I tied them up and attached to the fence to try to support them. Haven't a clue at this point if it will work or not, but hey at least we tried and the tomatoes will be okay.
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Karen 197

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not Looking Good for the Corn

We had a thunder storm yesterday morning which brought with it some heavy winds. Look at what it did to the corn! We are hoping that it starts to perk back up on it's own. We may need to tie some rope around it and pull it back and secure it to the fence. None of the stalks are broken they are just blown over.

Been working some in the stamp room. This card uses a technique called Chalk Lines. I haven't dragged out my chalks in so long it was fun to work with them again. Apply the chalk ( I used three different colors) then take something with a straight line (I used piece of chipboard) lay it down on over the chalked cardstock and drag an eraser down. Blow away the erased crumbs. Then stamp image on top. I used basic brown ink then water colored the flowers with Apricot Appeal ink.
I think next time I try this technique I'll add more chalk or use darker chalk colors so the lines will show up more, but I do like the soft look that the colors made. Apricot Appeal, Celery, and Turquoise.
I'm off to visit my mom. Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Late 4th Of July Cards

I know 4th is over but I wanted to share these holiday cards I received from Kat and Lisa. Click on the photo to enlarge. Kat use a cuttlebug folder on the card base. Love the star ribbon. Lisa's card is awesome using pattered paper for the flag.

The last card I made last night in the wee, wee hours of the morning. Couldn't sleep after coming home from John's birthday bash. Guess I'm worried about him driving to Columbus today with his cousin Corbet.

Anyway...."Sam" here is made from punches. Click to enlarge the photo I'm sure you can figure out which SU punches I used, but in case you can't.......

Window punch for hat brim

1 1/4 square for hat (cut one from red and one from white trim the white one down cut in half and use that for the stripes)

scallop circle for hair

photo corner for collar

1 1/4 circle for face

1/4 for nose

eyes were made with the 1/8 side of the Cropadile


Here is John (on left) and Corbet having a drink at the party last night. We went to the Winking Lizard. They have a beer tour, drinking 100 different types of beer on the list and get a free jacket. I don't think John will be trying for it. Now Corbet has been working toward it since he turned 21 in April.

So glad Sarah and Jason were able to meet us last night for John's party. This is a cute picture of them. I've met Jason a few times now. He's a very nice young man.

Okay on to more stamping. It's been raining all morning just now stopped and looks like the sun is trying to come out.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Stamping Trails

Karen 197

Friday, July 10, 2009

John is 21*Off Work Today*Matchbook Sewing Project

This was a fun project to make. I just started one day playing in the stamp room and this is what came out of my head and onto the cardstock. Stamp set by See-D's. I had just purchased the Martha Stewart eyelet border punch and wanted to use it.

On the inside there is a mirco slide holder and mirco slide. I have tons of these and never use them so I'm always looking for ways to use the many stamping supplies I have in my stash!

So my baby is 21 today. Happy for him but do I feel old!!!!! Hard to beleive 21 years have past. John was born in Bremerton WA. Hubby was stationed in Bangor WA back then. John is the only one of us that was not born in OH.
The family is heading for the Winking Lizard later tonight to celebrate the big mile stone. Don't know if mom is ready for him to be this old.....but I know he is ready.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Manhattan Card...and New Pic of Me

So I'm talking to my friend Kat on the phone last evening and Sarah comes into the kitchen to say good bye as she is on her way out, and she goes MOM! You Look Hot! LOL she's going on about how she never saw me with a waist before, so it's not long before we are out on the deck taking pictures of me again.

I love the black shirt I'm wearing. Black lace in the center with a butterfly sporting rhinestones.

Okay enough of me I know my readers want to see some cards.....I'm posting one that Kat sent me this week using Manhattan. I have to say I'm so happy that me and Lisa went together on a joint birthday gift for Kat this year. We got her all the Manhattan stuff from the catalog. The way I see's a win win for me and I expect to see some more great cards from her!

Stamping Trails
Karen 197

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Funky Fiber Cat

I discovered last week when I was on vacation that I have a ton of fibers. So what to do with them all? Had this great idea to make a cat out of some of them. I started with a paper mache cat form, coated it with tacky glue and started winding fibers around it.

It doesn't show up in the picture to well but the top of his tail is coiled and the lower part of the tail is braided. That is one Funky Cat!

Stamping Trails

Karen 197

Monday, July 6, 2009

Would You Cut Up Your Catalog?

I would....and I did! I had this idea for the cute elephant birthday card shown here using Animal Stories, but I didn't order the Razzleberry Lemonade designer paper yet. Oh the horror!!!!

Anyway since I had an extra SU catalog and they have full sheet copies of the designer paper so you can see them in full size I decided to tear the page out of the catty and put it to good work! Now I wouldn't recommend this if you only have one catalog.


Animal Stories, Birthday's Count, and Sock Monkey Accessories stamp sets

Cardstock: Whisper White, Crushed Curry, Rich Razzleberry, Melon Mambo

Ink: Rich Razzleberry, Pumpkin Pie

Accessories: trio flower, modern label, 1/2, 1 inch, and 1 1/4 circle punch

gold brads, pop dots

I sponged the edges of the 1 1/4 inch circle that the elephant is standing on, just so it would pop out a bit more. Also added lift using pop dots. I just love how this card turned out!
Making a note to myself to order that designer paper!!!!
I'm headed out to work JOY! NOT!!!! I'd rather be home stamping.
Stamping Trials
Karen 197

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seeing Spots

Still working with Animal Stories stamp set, and new In Line Colors.
For this card I used:
Melon Mambo, Barely Banana, Very Vanilla, and Kraft cardstock
Ink: Melon Mambo, Soft Suede
Accessories: twill tape, gold brads, 1/4, and 1/8 hole punch, pencil with clean eraser, stamp-a-ma-jig.
Word stamp came from Pun Fun stamp set.
I wanted to do circles on the base card, but didn't really have a stamp that would work so I pressed the end of a clean un-used pencil eraser into the ink pad then stamped it on the cardstock. I also wanted the ribbon to match so I repeated the process on the twill tape. Worked just fine.
If I drank beer I'd be crying in it now as this is the last day of my vacation. Back to work I go on Monday. Only thing that is making me feel a bit better is that I have Friday the 10th off. So it will only be a 4 day work week.
No plans for today. Just going to take it easy, maybe do some light house work, and get ready for Monday.
Stamping Trails
Karen 197

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Stuff!

I've been making some cards from a new SU set. Animal Stories. I bought it because of the elephant. You know how much I love elephants! But I like the other animals as well. With the new stamps came new In Line Colors. They are really pretty!


Animal Stories, Define Life, Great Friend, and Tres Chic background stamp

Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Soft Suede, Dusty Durango

Ink: Dusty Durango, Soft Suede, Old Olive

Accessories: Scallop Edge punch, Flower Trio punch, gold brads.

I carried the theme to the inside card by just cutting a strip of Dusty Durango and stamping it with Tres Chic.

Recipe for Sweet One

Animal Stories, Matchbox Messages

Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Crushed Curry, Soft Suede

Ink: Dusty Durango, Soft Suede, Crushed Curry

Accessories: Big Shot Matchbook die, Texture Plates Kit #4, Top Note Die, paper-piercing tool, mat pack, gold brads, hemp, sponge, sanding block, stamp-a-ma-gig

I cut the top note die with Crushed Curry cardstock, then used the texture plate with flowers. I wanted the flowers to pop a bit so I inked up a sponge with Crushed Curry and just added it to the raised image of the flowers. Strip of Soft Suede was crumpled in my hand and opened, did this several times. Then I took one corner and pulled the paper ply apart. Next I used the sanding block to ruff up the inside ply of the cardstock. Made the cardstock softer and have more of a suede look.

Hope you enjoyed these cards. Look for more coming soon using Animal Stories.

Stamping Trials

Karen 197

Happy 4th!

Hubby and me rode the bikes to the high school last night to see the Brunswick 4th of July fireworks show. They always have it one day before the 4th. I think they do that so people can also catch the Cleveland show on the 4th.

Remember that hike I was talking about taking yesterday? Well we loaded up the bikes and took them to the lake. Lets just say I rode the bike a little, and walked....the bike up some of the hills. They have some pretty steep ones and I just couldn't petal up some of them. I was sweating when that was over!!!! It was a very good work out.

I got my first order in yesterday from the new SU catalog. What fun! I've already have been making cards and I'll be sharing those with you soon.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Simple Tree

Okay I'm not feeling this card, but I'm not going to change it. Sorry girls. This single stamp was put into a challenge. The tree stamp is sooooo big!!! I decided to use part of the stamp on the base card and part of it for the inside. Designer paper River Rock, cardstock Hunter Green, and Sage Shadow. Word stamp by Stampin'Up!.

One of the things I've been doing on my vacation is shopping! Who doesn't love to shop. Joann's had these stamps on sale for 40% and since I just loved them I had to purchase all three cat designs. These are cats with catitude!!!!
Gotta run we are going to be taking a 3 mile hike today at Hinckely lake. I need it!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remember Me?

I'm the one who has been on vacation this past week and still have not found time to update my blog. Shame on me. Thanks to Kat who has been ever so gently nudging me for an update. So this is for you Kat!

Found some time to stamp...of course in order for me to stamp I had to find my desk. Then one thing lead to another, and another. Pretty soon I'm going through all the drawers, bins, cardstock you name it....I cleaned it out. So now I'm all organized again. Time to mess it up! Made this Birthday card today. Just adore the little House Mouse stamps. I don't own any, but I have fun stamping with my friends stamps. Image was colored with Prisma pencils and blended with Gamsol. Ovals were cut using Nestibilities. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to cut the cardstock opening and the scallop layer, but I got it to work. I had to layer a large oval inside a scallop oval then place the cardstock on top made the "sandwich" with A, C and B plate and then ran though the Cuttlebug. That cut the oval inside the scallop oval. I have not made a shaker card in so long I had to really think about how I was going to do it. For an accent I used Crystal Effects on half of a wooden button and covered it with the same bird feed I used for the shaker. The trick to the button: add the hemp first for a tie then add the Crystal Effects then add the bird seed. Designer paper by Basic Grey Wassail.

So what have I been doing on my vacation? Little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing but I have been enjoying not going to work.

Have you heard the saying......Corn knee high by the 4th of July? Well my hubby's corn has that saying beat! Here I am in front of the corn patch. I'm 5' 4" so as you can see it's way higher than my knee. The scarecrow in the back was a new one that I got at Pat Catan's. Thank goodness they have there fall stuff out already, and working on Christmas stuff. Seems way to early!!!!!

I also wanted to show you my herb garden. It's growing pretty good and I have been able to use some of them already. We have also got two heads of broccoli, and a zucchini from the garden.
That's it for now. I have to go back to enjoying my vacation.......which I am........Need to stamp some more. My SU order will be in tomorrow. Can't wait. All the new In Line Colors and some new stamps. Glad the order is getting here while I'm still home from work. No weigh in this week. But check out the new number under my name.
Stamping Trails
Karen 197