Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fringe Flower Tutorial

Remember the fringe flower card I made last week? Well

I got the photos together to show you how it was done. 

Instead of making a flower to put on a card I wrapped it around pencils. 

I like how the eraser stands out as the center of the flower. 

If you are making a flower for a card you can use the same tutorial but instead

of wrapping it around the pencil you can wrap it around a button, or brad.

First thing you will need is a piece of designer paper cut 11x2

Mark the center at 1 inch

Next take normal scissors and cut from the one inch mark up to the 2 inch side. 

See the photo as to how the piece of paper is angled. 

Fold paper in half the long way, open it up and apply tombo glue to one edge. 
Fold in half and just adhere the edges together. 
Using the fringe scissors make cuts from the folded edge, but

be careful not to cut all the way. Continue to cut across the strip. 

Cut a piece of sticky strip about 3 inches long and place on the shorter side of the cut strip. 

Remove the red piece and place the pencil (or button or brad) at the edge and 

start wrapping. 

Once you reach the end of the piece of sticky strip add

tombo glue along the edge of the rest of the strip. 

Continue wrapping till it is all rolled up. 

You could use sticky strip along the entire piece but since the tape cost a bit more than the tombo

I only use it at the beginning. Don't worry the tombo will hold the rest of it in place. 

After the glue dries (doesn't take long) Use your fingers to flatten out the fringe. 

Simple right? 

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