Monday, May 2, 2016

Pink Tea Roses, and a Bunny

Sorry no mailable Monday today. I overdid some

housework, and walking and now I'm paying for it. 

My foot hurt so much yesterday that the last thing I wanted to do was

walk down the steps to the crafting studio. So instead....

I'm sharing little pink tea roses. 

Hubby got them for me on our anniversary. He's never given me 

pink roses before. I thought it was very sweet. They are so pretty. 

A few days ago I saw this happy muncher in our backyard. He's a pretty big boy. 

Wish I could have caught a pic of him jumping. His body is really long. 

Good thing hubby has a fence all the way around the garden, but I'm sure if

the bunny's want in they will dig a hole and find a way. 

Hoping to be back tomorrow with some stamping to share. 

Stamping trails

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