Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Graduate

My brother youngest son graduated from High School last night. We were all feeling the loss of my brother. Neil has plans to go to school and become a chef. Big congrats Neil. I know your dad would have been very proud of you as you walked across the stage.
Next picture is proud mom Cheryl and Neil's older brother Corbet taken outside there house.

He's having his party this coming Sunday. Now I just have to get busy and make his card. YIKES! I haven't made one yet. Least I know now the school colors are red.

I had to share this pic with you. Skip took it at Mike's party this weekend. This is my don't take any more pictures of me look. Now hubby loves this picture and my daugther Sarah just saw it and wants me to make her a copy for her desk. Go figure. I guess this captures the real me. LOL Priceless!

Stamping Trails

Karen 198

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Stace said...

Karen, you almost had to tell us which one was you. Your old photo on the blog & the new you are soooo different! We are all so proud of you online. We miss you at VC but like you say, you need to take care of yourself first. You have a wonderful looking family and it looks like you were all enjoying yourselves. Big VC hugs