Monday, June 8, 2009



It's been since forever since I posted to my blog. Just been too busy. Been working lots of overtime at work and just really needed to step back and give up some things in order to do the things that I really needed to keep up with. First and foremost myself. Do you ever feel like you are giving so much of your time to your family, and other things that you don't take the time to just do for you? Well that is how I was feeling. I want my readers to know that I'm still on Weight Watchers though I have to admit I did go one week where I decided not to renew my membership. Then I had a wake up call as I got on the scale and gained three pounds. No way was I willing to give up all that I had worked for during the past year just to gain weight back. So back on the plan I went and at last week's weigh in I made it!!!! I am under 200 pounds. I'm actually at 198, and it feels so good!!!!

Over the weekend we went to our nephew's graduation party and family members that had not seen me before I started to lose were amazed at how much I've lost. A total of 75 pounds in one year. One person told me that she didn't know who I was until after she saw me with my hubby. That was a great shot in the arm for my confidence level.
The picture is from that graduation party. Big congrats Michael!!! He's the tall one in the back row. Don't have to tell you which one is me.....or do I?
It's good to be back blogging again. Stay tuned as I'll be posting more Blog Candy this weekend.
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Karen 198


Kristin said...

congratulations!! all the best to reaching this goal :-)

sandyh50 said...

I'm glad you are back Karen! I've been checking your blog hoping everything was ok. Congrats on hitting Onderland! Doesn't it feel great.

jmniffer said...

Great to see you back blogging. Congrats on hitting (sliding under) a huge milestone!! Wonderful way to begin the summer. jmniffer