Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Dress for Lizzy, and 1000 Post

As I was posting this today I saw that this will be my 1000 post since I started blogging. WOW! Never thought I'd ever post that much! I'm looking forward to posting my next 1000.

I made this new outfit for my 5" doll yesterday. It crocheted up pretty quick as this pattern called for fingering yarn which is a bit bigger than the thread I used in the other outfits.

See the cute little bottoms and shoes.

My friend Connie's husband made these great cradles to put the doll babies in. It is so cute! Just love it.

Connie also made the little quilt and mattress for the cradle. Great work Connie! Seeing how I'm making the outfits for so many dolls now I've set another New Years goal for make 1 doll outfit per week. Now I don't expect I'll keep this one as that would be 52 outfits in one year and I don't think I'll need that many, but at least this way I'm hoping to be able to get a good start on my birthday and Christmas gifts this year.

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