Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Take a Tip Tuesday #25

Ever since Stampin'Up changed there ink pads to foam I've 

been having trouble with them. 

The pads are so juicy with ink that when I tap the stamps in them

the ink bubbles up on the rubber. 

And of course when you stamp on the cardstock the ink bubbles transfer

and the image is not as crisp as it should be. 

Thanks to my VC Rocks sisters they gave me a few tips to help with this problem.

The first thing is to store the pads upside down. That way the ink goes to the bottom
of the pad instead of floating around the top. 
The second thing is to use a bone folder and scrap down from one end to the other. 
Then use the area that the ink was moved down from to ink up the stamp. 
The image on the left was done using this method. I think its a much better
image with out the ink bubbles. 
Hope this helps anyone else who was also having this problem. 
Stamping trails


Gail Beezley said...

Great comment, Karen! When I re-ink my pads, I use the back of a plastic spoon to rub the re-inker into the pad - it works well. The new firm foam ink pads do require more inking, but you don't need as much ink as with the old pads. gail@rvcrafting.com

Krafting Karen said...

another great tip. Thanks Gail!