Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elephants on Parade

I got some great elephants to add to my collection. 

The large greenish brown one is from Sarah. This came with potpourri, and it can be refilled. Love the color, and that the elephant is sassy with its trunk up in the air. 

The blue one is from Kat. This little thing is heavier than the green one if you can believe that. Love the blue and the spiral design on it's back.

The cookie cutter and cinnamon ornament is from Lisa. This really takes me back. 
When Lisa and I were both in Guam we made cinnamon ornaments from ground cinnamon and applesauce. 
Made the house smell so good! What a great memory. Thanks for bringing that back Lisa! 

Thanks to all the "girls" who got me new elephants! 
I'm glad I have a ledge going around the entire downstairs level. Makes a great place to display them. 

Stamping trails

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