Friday, December 27, 2013

Cleaning, and Mini Cake Domes

Well I spent part of yesterday cleaning out the craft room. What a chore! I had not been a very clean Elf while I was making things this month. 

I got some new stamping goodies from hubby and friends so I also had to find homes for it all. 

The above pic is mini cake domes that my friend Kat sent me. Just love them! I have pumpkin bread, magic bars and chocolate raspberry bells in them. They look great on the kitchen counter. Thanks Kat! 

Skip had to go back to work today so I'm thinking about taking down the Christmas tree. I normally don't take it down till New Year's Eve but since its been up since the 3rd of November I'm thinking it might be time. Skip was looking at last night and saying how nice it looked that we should just leave it up all year. I told him not to temp me as I like to put the tree up but I don't enjoy taking it down. All those Barbie ornaments have to wrapped and put back in the box. Now that is a real chore! 

Stamping trails

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