Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Kitchen Tool

I have been meaning to post info on my cool new kitchen tool, 

but just haven't got around to it till now. 

My friend Kat bought me a Gefu Spiral Slicer as a 

Christmas gift. 

It is the coolest thing! You can turn zucchini, and carrots into spiral

pieces and use them in place of pasta noodles. They also work

wonderful for stir fry.

My favorite way to make them is to just saute the pieces

in olive oil, and garlic. YUM!!!!!
Great way to get some extra veggies, and to cut the calories from not using
It wasn't as warm yesterday in the 40's, but I went out and did the grocery store
shopping. Food prices just keep going up and up. I'll
be happy when the garden goes in so we can save some of the cost with fresh veggies! 
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Catherine Kraft said...

Ohhhh I want one of these. I've been using a julienne peeler to do this and it takes so much time. I fix the zucchini in coconut oil, salt and garlic - so yummy and then put homemade spaghetti sauce. We don't even miss the spaghetti!!

Krafting Karen said...

Yes you really need one of these! So awesome and takes very little time to do.