Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Take a Tip Tuesday #4

So is anyone else out there having trouble with SU Clear stamps not sticking

to the clear blocks? I hope I'm not the only one! 

I was almost to the point of going back to wood mount, except that they

cost more and take up more room in storing them. 

I complied a few solutions to this problem. Each one does work

so I guess it will be a matter of what works for you. 

The step for all the solutions is to start with clean dry clear blocks. 

I use baby wipes to clean mine then dry them on my jeans (LOL), 

or just let them air dry. You can also use alcohol with cotton balls to clean them. 

Instead of putting the entire sticker onto the stamp trim it close all the way 

around to the image. This will leave a small part of the foam back stamp

that will be clear of the sticker and will enable the stamp to grip the block better. 

Here is what the stamp looks like on the block. You will still have the image so you 

can better place the image on the cardstock. You may not be able to see this very well on

this photo. Click on any of the photos to enlarge. 

The next one you can try is the one I've been using. 

Pick up some #4 vinyl at JoAnn's. Doesn't take much to cover the blocks. 

I got 1/2 a yard but that was more than I needed. I think the vinyl only cost 2.29 a yard so

it is very inexpensive. 

Cut the vinyl to fit the block. You can go a little under the block size

but don't over extend it. The vinyl is clear so you will still be able to see

the image through the opposite side of the clear block. 

See how I'm holding the stamp well above the cardstock and it is

clinging for dear life onto the block. I tried shaking it and it still didn't fall off.

Yup even after stamping the stamp is still sticking to the block. 

And the last one works too...just dare to go "bare" and 

leave the sticker off altogether. 

Only bad part about this one....its harder to see how to line up the image on the cardstock.

Okay well there are the three options I know about. 

Hope that these have been helpful to you. 

Stamping trails


Cheryl said...

I add a dab of snail to the stamp back and pat on my sweater or polo arm to get some 'fuzz' and then stick it to the block and stamp away. after I clean the stamp, I pop it off and put back into case. The bit of snail also holds it in place in the case!

Krafting Karen said...

another great tip thanks for sharing Cheryl!