Thursday, August 28, 2014

Internet Issues and I won Blog Candy

So where have I been? Down without the internet. 

It started running slow last Friday then just quit. Had to wait

till today to get a tech out here to fix the problem. 

I wanted to share with you some blog candy goodies I won from 

my VC Rocks sister Patrice. 

She made this little gift bag using the top note die. 

Side view. 

She also sent me this matching card. So cute how she made it

The flower is stamped on the inside card but with the circle punched out

on the front base card you can see it. 

Inside view. 

She even went one step further and cut a hole in the envelope, and 

put the design on the back of the card. You can see it when you put the 

card in the envelope. How fun! Thanks Patrice for the great blog candy! 

I haven't been feeling myself all week. I had a procedure done early Friday afternoon

last week and it didn't go well. The test came back incomplete so lucky me I get to 

have it done again in October. I've been out of sorts since the test. Hopefully I'll get

back on track and get to do some stamping soon. 

Stamping trails


Donna said...

Sorry you are not feeling well, Karen. Bummer you have to have the procedure again...

Love coming to you site each day and seeing what fabulous creations you have to share. Keep up the great work!

Don't write on blogs but know I should since you've put a LOT of work into your site, sorry.

Krafting Karen said...

thanks for the great feedback Donna. Nice to know I have stamping friends out there reading and enjoying the blog.