Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tee Hee Hee, and the Cat in the Bathroom

My first card using a new Halloween set called Tee Hee Hee.

Its a very cute and fun stamp set. 

Lots of different witch stamps and greetings. 

Colors: Blackberry Bliss, white, Tangelo Twist, Basic Gray, Smokey Slate, 

and black. I also used Moonlight designer paper pack. 

Base card embossed with Lucky Stars folder. 

So I have been meaning to share this story with you, and finally am in the mood to type it up. 

Last week I got up in the morning to use the bathroom. Now when no one is

at home I just leave the bathroom door open. Cherokee

followed me in. So I'm sitting on the toilet seat with my under ware around my ankles, and

Cherokee decided now would be a great time to jump in my lap. 

So I put her down. She looks up at me meow's then jumps back up. 

I put her down again....and then we are repeating this process several times. I have to let you 

know that she is a very one minded cat. When she decides to do something she does

not take no for an answer. Best thing to do is just to distract her. 

Which is what I did. I put her up on the bathroom sink and started running the water at a very

slow trickle. While she is batting at the water stream I'm able to finish my 

business and get up. 

I'm wishing I had the camera so I could have taken a picture of her in the sink, but on the 

other hand maybe it was a good thing I didn't have it as I wouldn't have wanted to accidentally 
get a selfie of me on the pot!!!!
Maybe Cherokee thinks she is my "familiar".

Stamping trails

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