Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Still Without a Laptop

I'm still without a laptop. 

I got an old one to just check my email and browse the internet with. 

This one doesn't have a way for me to upload photos to. 

Hubby is going to buy me a new laptop but we are waiting

for Cyber Monday in order to get a better deal, and hopefully I'll

get a great one! 

We woke up to snow the other day 2 inches! Really early in the season for 

us to have the white stuff. Oh well tis the season! 

I have been working on a few projects. I'm still not feeling

well so I'm just taking it easy. 

I did decide to make a turkey for Thanksgiving. I was going to 

just get rotisserie chickens and call it good, but its just not Thanksgiving without a turkey. 

Sarah had some good news to share this week. Her and Jason were selected as a Neilson family.

So they have a box attached to their TV. She also got a new job as a personal trainer. 

Which is very good as her daily drive to work will be much shorter. 

Stay warm where ever you are and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Stamping trails

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