Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baking with the Kids

We had an awesome baking day on Sunday. 

John and Emily got right in there and made all the sugar cookies. 

The hair is up and we are baking! 

Tray of sugar cookies before they go in the oven. 

John laughing at one of the cookies he made. 

Cookies frosted and decorated. 

Sarah working on a batch. 

Melinda stopped over and jumped right in to help with the baking. 

She's working on blossom cookies. YUM!

Using the piping bag.

Finished pan. These are cranberry blondies. 

Of course while we were baking the boys were watching the football game. 

It was a great day! The weather was warm for this time of the year, and the 

Cleveland Browns won! 

We made 5 batches of cookies. So we got a lot done and had a wonderful time

baking together. Looking forward to doing it again next year. 

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