Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Have a WInner

And the winner is Ceal! Thanks bunches to all who posted and sent me encouragement. It is what keeps me going. Ceal please email me your snail mail addy to:
Here is Ceal's comment:
"Wow Karen that is wonderful! I know you are proud of yourself and I am happy for you"
I took 1/2 of a mental health day. I left work at noon. Met my daughter Sarah at Applebee's had lunch then walked over to Fashion Bug for a little bit of shopping. Course after that we had to come home and work out. Sarah does keep me on track. Glad I have her around!
Last night I inventoried the pantry. Typed up a list in Excel and taped that to inside of my cupboard doors. Now I'll know at a glance what is in my pantry. This will make my life so much easier as I'll know what I have when it's time for meal planning and the trip to the grocery store.
Plan to inventory the fridge/freezer next. Also the spice lazy suzan. I can't tell you the amount of times I've bought double of something. No more of that!!! This should save on my food bill.
I may even get more into this inventory system and get a handle on my stamps, and craft supplies. Hmmm.....that make take to much of my lifetime to do. Better stick to just stamping!!!!
Didn't lose anything at weigh in today, but that's okay I didn't gain anything either.
Stamping Trails
Karen 213

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Joan Ervin said...

Ooooh, Congrats Ceal!!!