Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Cards I've Received

I won this card from Holly. Thanks bunches Holly!!!! Just love the humming bird. You can visit Holly's awesome blog here

This card was made for Chrissy's Belli Challenge #51.

I also received some more cards this week.

The Bird card is from Kat, and the Live Well card is from Lisa. Thanks ladies!!! So glad I have such great friends who make me very pretty cards! Love ya!

Also received this card today from Kat. That patterned paper use on this card reminds me of the shaving cream technique. All nice and swirly!

So glad this week is over. I swear it's been the longest work week I can remember, and I even had Tuesday off. I called in sick due to my back was causing me such pain I couldn't stand it. I think that's why the week has been dragging I've just not felt good. Happy to say the back is starting to feel a bit better. Not good as new but getting better. I'm going to still take it easy and try not to over due. I haven't been able to work out this week and it's just killing my weight loss goals, but I'm still going to refrain. Told hubby I want to go to the mall tomorrow just so I can do some light walking. To cold to go out on my treadmill in the garage.

Stamping Trails

Karen 213

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Joan Ervin said...

You have recieved some lovely cards, Karen...such treasures!!!