Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Leaves, and Ice Cream

So I have been having trouble with this knee replacement. 

Still having more pain than I did with the first one. 

Skip thought I needed ice cream therapy over the weekend. 

He took me to Honey Hut which is my favorite ice cream spot. 

I got are.....you ready for this.....Pumpkin Caramel Gingersnap! 

It was so good and yummy!!!!

We stopped at Brunswick Lake on the way home and I snapped this

photo of the tree that you will notice is beginning to change colors. 

Fall is here! Suppose to be in the 60's tomorrow for my birthday. 

Skip was really sweet and put in a SU order for me as I also needed 

retail therapy. The only bad thing about it is it hasn't shipped yet so I

won't receive my gift till next week. 

Stamping trails

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Cheryl said...

Hope you feel better soon...Find a local swimming pool (indoor and heated!!!) And start some EASY leg movements. Eventually you will get stronger. Will keep you in prayer.