Tuesday, September 15, 2015


While me Kat, and Marianne were out at Pat Catan's on Sunday

I picked up the supplies I needed to make this web. 

Made with a wooden embroidery hoop that I painted black, then

added a lace doily. The spiders came 4 to a package and were black with

glitter on them. Made one for myself and each of the girls. 

Funny story...or maybe not....Since it started to get a little chilly and

had been raining the wolf spiders are starting to come in the house. 

Skip killed a few, Sarah got one, and even Marianne got one. 

Sorry to the girls for scaring them. I'm scared of spiders too. 

But so they will remember the spiders (like they will ever forget!)

I made the web hoops. 

All week I'll be posting some photos of Sarah big day. Here she is

at the table putting on the makeup before we went to the salon to have the hair done. 

Proud dad in the kitchen with her. Do you think that coffee cup is big enough?

And I forgot to post this one of Kat. This was on the day we were making cookies for

the wedding. What a kissy face! 

Stamping trails

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