Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wedding Day

Today is the day my baby girl is getting married!

Daddy's little girl.

Long day at the zoo with grandma.

Christmas time with AG Bear. 

With little brother John (in the middle) and cousin Corbet.

Going for a ride with Uncle Tony. 

Being Silly. 

Ready for first day of Kindergarten.

Here is the birthday girl with her friend Joy. Sarah turned 8 and had a princess party. 
I made the hats and wands. I still remember this, what a fun day. 

For this birthday we were living on Guam. 

Not to old to sit on grandma's lap. Sarah made this dress for the Jr. Prom. 

Another costume she made. She loves to sew. 

Senior Prom with best friend Melinda....and they are still best friends. 

Melinda is Sarah's Maid of Honor. 

First car. She named it Bonnie Blue. 

Senior pictures.

Hat in the air on graduation day. 

Acting and costume design while working at Cedar Point. 

Her picture is still on the hearse they use during Halloween Weekends. She's dressed as a 
Working at Disney, again doing costumes. 
Yes my baby girl is grown, and getting married today. 
Me and her dad couldn't be happier for her, and her beloved Jason. 

Check back for photos of the wedding. 

Stamping trails

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