Monday, January 9, 2017

Feathered Arrows

I've been making some goodies to fill flip bags with, 

and yesterday I came up with these cute feathered arrows. 

Made using paper straws and glittered hearts at the bottom for the

arrow tip. I also added some words at the top. 

The only thing about working with feathers and a glue gun.....

the feathers get everywhere including attaching themselves to

my glue gun. 

They the little pieces are lighter than air and

were just blowing around. Not to mention the static from 

the dry air in the house during the winter. They

were sticking to my clothes, and hands. I bet

I'm going to find little pieces for a long while! But

I had fun making them. 

Well I have to tell you I had a serious case of cabin fever Saturday night. 

It was so bad that I braved the single digit temperature and had hubby

take me to Pat Catan's (where I bought those blasted feathers!). 

It was a whopping 7 degrees out. BRRRRRR 

Thankfully we are going to have a heat wave by mid week as

it will be in the forties. Time to go to the park and 

have a picnic! LOL

Stamping trails

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