Saturday, January 14, 2017

Prima Doll Valentine Flip Bag

Well here my first attempt

at making a Julie Nutting flip bag. 

Valentine themed of course since February is

right around the corner. 

Close look at the doll on the front pocket. 

I did two rows of lace on the skirt. 

I may have to unpack it and fill it again as

I still have some odds and ends that I didn't put in the bag. 

Also think I want to try to make a doll clip for the front as well. 

And here you see the creative process at work. 

I almost never ever clean up my workspace as I go. 

I know I really should.  

See that large black cup on the drawer in the back?

That is my new holder for my prisma color pencils. 

I finally took them out of the tin as I wanted to have

them in reach and I got tired of taking them out of a drawer

then out of the tin every time I wanted to color. Which seems

to be a lot lately. Thanks Kat for sending me the cup. Works

better on my desk than to drink my tea from. You Rock! 

What am I going to do today? I bet you all ready know....

Clean my desk of course! 

Stamping trails

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