Friday, January 13, 2017

Pink and Gold 3 Pocket Letter

I received this beautiful 3 pocket letter in the mail

yesterday. Thanks Carol! We were in a pink and gold swap. 

Both sides of the pockets were completed. 

Love the little man, and woman figure with the heart between them. 

Carol also sent goodies. Gotta love that! Thanks Carol! 

It was raining cats and dogs here yesterday. I caught

one very small window of no rain and I ran to the post office, 

and grocery store. Soon as I got back in the house it started

raining again. So I spent the afternoon making a 

very large pot of chili, and watching Netflix. 

I should have done some crafting, but I just wanted 

to snuggle up under a warm blanket. 

Today I'm going to make a run to Hollo's as I need

more pocket letters. Small wonder! Guess I better stock up on them

this time! 
I wonder if I should even venture out with it being Friday the 13th! 

Stamping trails

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