Friday, November 29, 2013

Barbie Tree

I put up the Barbie tree. It has been up in the living room since the 3rd of November. Yes you heard me right. The 3rd of November. 
I didn't put the Barbie tree up last year as we had our large tree up, so I just was in a mood and put it up early. 
Looks so nice in the spot in front of the picture window. 

Wedding Barbie (I'm ever hopeful!)

One of Ken ornaments. I only have two of them. The other one is in a different wedding set with Barbie

One of my favorites! Barbie and her house. 

Mod Barbie

I've been collecting these Hallmark ornaments for the past 19 years. Last year was the last in the set. 
However.....I did see that they started a new set this season. Since my tree is happily full I'm not going to collect the new ones. 

Stamping trails

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