Friday, November 15, 2013

Remembering Tony

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my brother. Today would have been his 57th birthday. 
As most of my followers know Tony passed away in 2007. He was 50 years old. 
Way to young for us to lose him. 

This is a picture of him with our older sister Charlotte. 

Another pic of him with our sister. The girl on the far left was a neighbors daughter. Since Tony is almost 4 years older than me I was born yet when this was taken. Looks like they were all having a good Christmas.

One of my favorite pictures of Tony as a little boy. This was in a frame for years and years and was always displayed on mom and dad's TV. I love the look in Tony's eyes. He just looks like he is so ready to get into trouble! 

I like his expression in this shot. "Don't take pics of me now....I'm eating"

Tony and me jamming.

 Sarah just loved her Uncle Tony!

Tony and his bike.

Miss you Tony. Think of you all the time. Wish you could have stayed with us all longer... you were a very needed part of the family. 
You will never know how much of a hole you left in my heart...but then again I'm sure you are watching your little sister from Heaven and you do know. 

Your little sis

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