Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Cactus?

Just a quick post today. 

My crazy Christmas cactus is at it again. 
I started seeing the buds at the end of October. 
It should be in full bloom by Thanksgiving. 

It thinks its a Thanksgiving cactus. 
One of these years I'm going to remember to put it in the dark for a few months during the summer to make it bloom for Christmas. 
But I'm sure next summer I'll forget again!!! 

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Sally Davis said...

My cactus was a Halloween cactus. But only on one side. Half of it is in full bloom and has been for a couple of weeks. Now buds are coming on the opposite side so I am anticipating full bloom on that side by Christmas. I don't ever put mine in the dark. I don't mind that it is early. Then I can enjoy the poinsettia more at Christmas!

Krafting Karen said...

you know Sally mine is doing the same thing. I had 6 blooms on it that turned into really pretty flowers. Now they have faded and the other side of the cactus is full of buds. So I'll have more flowers for Thanksgiving!