Saturday, November 9, 2013

Senior Picture

Since I realized that this year I have been graduated from high school for 35 years....I thought it would be nice if I posted my Senior yearbook picture. 

I have to share the story of how this picture came to be. 

I got a really nice dress that I bought with my own money that I earned working at a retail store called
Uncle Bill's. (the store has since been closed but that is another story)

My mom was suppose to be home on time to drive me to the studio to get the yearbook photos taken. 
Well she wasn't on time, and it was getting late. 
So I got my brother Tony to take me. 
Since Tony's only mode of transportation was his motorcycle I had 
to ditch the dress and change into jeans and the shirt you see me wearing in the photo. 
Good thing I had a brush with me as my hair was a mess by the time we went cross town to the studio. 
Thanks Tony! Miss and Love you bunches!!!! 
You were always there for your kid sister.

Missing you much!

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