Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me and hubby Skip who have been married

33 blissful years today! 

He had to work 1st shift this morning and asked me if I wanted 

my gift this morning of course I said yes. 

Love this little heart pendant. It has his and mine birth stones in the center. 

And he had our names engraved on the bottom of the heart. 

The two little bunnies which are suppose to represent us came

with the necklace. Too cute! 

I got another gift today....well actually from SU. I got to preview

the new catalog. It's not on line yet for the general public, but will be 
in June. 
I dropped my mouse this morning an while picking it up I whacked the
side of my knee. Thank goodness it wasn't the knee that just got replaced. 
Hope everyone has a great day! 
Happy Anniversary to friends Lisa and Geoff. They are also celebrating today. 
Stamping trails

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