Friday, April 10, 2015

Cards from Friends

So our house was built in the early 70's. There are things about it I don't like.

I never liked the metal doors that are on all the closets. However they

do make for a great place to display cards. 

I've been receiving get well cards from friends and they really do perk up 

John's bedroom which I'm currently staying in. 

I can enjoy looking at the cards as they really do pick me up! 

I had a little set back yesterday. 

I went down the steps okay with Skip being right there with

me just in case I should fall. 

The problem was with old habits die hard. 

While coming up the stairs you are suppose to step up with the leg 

that was NOT operated on while using one crutch and holding the railing. 

Well I forgot that on one of the steps and I stepped up on the leg that got the new 

knee....big mistake! I didn't bear all my weight on it as I quickly put it down after

the shooting pain. I had a really rough night. I was taking the pain pills and 

using ice, but it wasn't helping as much as I would have like so I was 

up most of the night. My physical therapist will be here this afternoon, and 

I'll let her know what happened. I was still able to do some of the PT work

I need to do this morning, but the knee is not feeling so good. 

What a bummer as yesterday the day had started out so good and I was feeling good. 

Oh well. I'll have to be more careful!

Stamping trails

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