Sunday, April 12, 2015

National Sibling Day

Several days ago was National Sibling Day. I missed it but

still wanted to post a few pictures I found. I'm limited on

where I can get to in the house so just used some photos I did find. 

This one is of me and brother Tony. Taken at the home on East 71st street in Cleveland. 

I had to laugh at this as mom had me ready for bed and my hair was all pinned up 

with bobby pins. I've always loved this photo of me and Tony. So young, 

and so happy. 

Looks like I'm the only one smiling in this photo. 

I don't have many pictures of our sister Charlotte in a group shot. 

Not sure why. I'll have to get into all the photos I got from mom before

she passed away. I'm sure I'll find a few more. 

I'm moving around a bit better. I've been getting down the steps to kitchen

a few times a day, and have been able to make a few meals and clean up after. 

This week will be the last week of home therapy. Starting on the 21st I'll be 
going for out patient PT. 
Looking forward to getting the staples out on the 20th. My knee is beginning to itch! 
Stamping tails

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