Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! 

Skip made me a little Easter basket. Of course

Cherokee thinks it belongs to her. See her ears poking

from the back of the stuffed bunny?

What do you mean...its not mine?

But just like you and the chocolate bunny....I go for the ears first!

I'm done playing...sleepy time now. 

I'm happy to be home. They released me from the hospital late Wednesday afternoon. 

I've had the first visit from the Home Care Nurse on Friday. She said

I was doing very well. They will be coming to visit me all next week, then

I'll be an outpatient to receive the PT. 

I'll post some photos tomorrow. I won't be able to 

update the blog with artwork for the next few days. When I feel better

I'll get back into it. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful, and blessed Easter

Stamping trails

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