Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My First Try Making Pickles

So what do you do when you have a bumper crop of cucumbers? 


I have never tried my hand at making pickles before yesterday. 

The ones I made are called refrigerator pickles.
I was able to make three quarts. Recipe notes said they would keep for 
one month in the fridge. Guess we will be eating lots of pickles!
Sarah is stopping by today so I'll give her a jar. 
Now I just need to figure out what to do with the others that are coming on. 
Other than salad. I have also been using a cucumber to infuse my drinking water. 
So refreshing ice cold from the fridge! 
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Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Karen. Those look YUMMY! I add cucumber slices to most of my sandwiches (well not peanut butter but just about every other kind). Sometimes even just cucumber, mayo and a very dark bread. Think High Tea without the watercress. LOL Toss them in a food processor or blender and then freeze and add to vegetable soups or gazpacho. Of course cold from the frig eat them like a banana on a very hot day. Yum. Yep...I have a thing for cucumbers.
Thanks for sharing the garden bounty.