Saturday, September 20, 2008

Early Birthday Gift!

It's this just to FUN!!!!! Love my ribbon jar Connie and all the solid color ribbon inside. My friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year. One of the things was solid color ribbon. I have a ton of ribbon, but as it turns out most of it is patterned ribbon, and I can never find a solid color piece of ribbon when I need one. Connie used last SU catalog Hostess level Rub On's and added those to this large clear jar.

The topper is a large flower that has been layered on cardstock. Just love the cute little addition of the ladybug sitting on the mini clothes pin.

Big THANKS Connie!!!!!!! Just love my present!!!!

OOPS!!!! I didn't let you know how my last weigh in went. I lost another 3 pounds. YAY!!!! I saw my doctor this week. He was so pleased to see how much weight I had lost. He put up a chart on the computer for my weight last year vs. this year. It looked like a straight drop off a very high mountain!!! I'm happy!!! He also told me the reason I was getting dizzy was my blood pressure meds were to strong for me since I had lost weight. So he gave me a lower dosage. He also said if I lose enough that I will be able to come off the meds completely. Doing the happy dance about that one!!!!

We are only a few pounds away from the next Weight Loss Blog Candy. Stay tuned!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Karen, you're getting there! Happy Birthday!


Debby said...

Karen I am so proud of you, your doing awesome on the weight loss. Keep it up and you'll hit your goal in no time. I love seeing the weight chart after a big loss. Makes you feel so good.
Angel hugs