Monday, September 8, 2008

Will I Ever Have Enough Time?

Well that's a silly question.......the answer is no. It's was a busy weekend. Saturday night hubby and I went to see Journey at Blossom music hall. It's outside. You can buy tickets for the pavilion or you can sit on the lawn. We were on the lawn. Great night for a concert. Also playing Cheap Trick, and Heart. The bands were awesome! Plus I got a good workout hiking from the parking area to the stage. About 1 1/2 each direction.

Sunday I made homemade chili with tomatoes from our garden. OMG it was the best!!! Hubby tried to go overboard with the spices. We also grew some hot peppers which was also thrown into the chili. Good thing I caught him before he turned it into 5 alarm chili!

Later in the day I went to visit mom. She was doing better. It was the first visit that I've had with her in over a month that she wasn't crying.

After work today I made dinner. Cleaned up, then picked more tomatoes from the garden. I wanted to freeze many of them so I can use them during the winter months.

First I filled a large pot with water and brought it to a boil. Next I put the clean tomatoes in the pot whole, boiled for one minute. I took them out and dropped them into a pan of ice water. The skins just slid right off them. After they cooled a bit I sealed them in zip locks and put in the freezer. I still have lots of tomatoes coming in so I'll be doing this again.

On top of everything else I'm still working on the treadmill. I'm up to 45 mintues. I'm even jogging a bit on level 3 speed. I haven't jogged since forever!!! I got a bit hungry last night around 8 so instead of eating I got hubby to ride bikes with me just around the neighbourhood. That helped.

Special thanks to my friend Connie for sending me this beautiful encouragement card. Just love it Connie!!!! Thanks bunches!!!!
On a closing note.....remember those clothes I bought just a bit ago? I wore one of the new outfits today and did I turn some heads. Everyone was commenting on how good I look. It was almost to point of embarrassing me....but it make me feel GREAT!!
Stamping trails!
Karen 242

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