Friday, May 19, 2017

Prima Doll on a Jiffy Box

Made blueberry muffins for me and hubby last week, 

and decided to use the box to make tags. 

What a perfect background for this prima doll

from "Mama's day" stamp set. 

The additional stamps used are from Stampin'Up Perfect Mix

stamp set. 

I did make one more tag with the Jiffy box, but

I'll post that one tomorrow. 

So yesterday it was 90. The temp dropped over night, by

30 degrees. Today it will only be in the low 60's. 

And wouldn't just know that Skip and John put in the 

air conditioner yesterday. It was the first time we

ever turned it on in May. 

I need to hit the grocery store today. Then run to the post office 

for more stamps. Also need to take back some pens that I bought at

JoAnn's. One of them isn't writing so I need to exchange it. 

So I guess this is my running around day. Maybe I'll visit some more 

garage sales. 

Stamping trails

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