Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Ribbon Runneth Over!!!

Now when I ask my friends for ribbon for my birthday.....they sure do deliver!!!

This awesome designer paper box is just stuffed full of ribbon! Kat I don't think you know just how much you put in there, but it's a lot!!!! Ribbon of every color, side, and grain. The box has a lid but it's covered up by all that ribbon next to it.

Now all my friends are ribbon junkies. Hard to say who has the most. I'm willing to venture that Kathy does, but until I get to visit with all of them next year in TX the jury is still out on who has the most.

I asked Lisa to get me the ribbon iron for my birthday. I have a smaller stamp room, and it's hard to pull out the large iron in the laundry room so this is perfect to plug in right at my desk so I can press out ribbon. When talking to Kathy she said that the ribbon she gave was purposely stuffed into the box so I'd have to use the new toy Lisa got me. LOL

Lisa isn't starving for ribbon either. Just take a look at how much she stuffed into this cello bag.......

WOW!! I have lots of ribbon to use on all my projects. Not to say I won't need or want more of the stuff. Like Lisa says...." you can never have enough ribbon".......you know what????????????
She's right!!!!!!!
Big thanks for all my wonderful gifts!!!!! I am truely blessed to have such wonderful friends!!!! Hugs!!!!
Stamping Trails......or as the Ribbon unravels.........till tomorrow
Karen 235

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Stace said...

Wow what great friends you have.