Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sore this Morning!

I got on the treadmill yesterday for 50 minutes. Then later around 10 pm hubby wants me to go for a bike ride with him around the neighbourhood. Did I ever wake up sore and stiff this morning!!!! No fun getting older!!!! September has just flew by. First day of Autumn is tomorrow.

My friends Lisa and her hubby Geoff will be celebrating there birthdays this week. The card is for Geoff. Not my design I cased it somewhere sorry I don't remember where. I did change the designer paper that was used and the word stamp, so some of it is mine, and I used very vanilla embossing powder on the train.
Busy day for me. I'm going to go visit mom this morning, then I have to stop on the way home to do the grocery shopping. Then I'm going to be really brave and can all the tomatoes we picked from the garden. I'll let you know how that goes! I've never canned before. I've seen people do it. My mom made some attempts to can we I was younger and still living at home. As I remember the pickles she tried came out limp. Again I'll see how it goes. I'm a city girl proper, not a country girl. Even though hubby is trying hard to turn me into one.
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