Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It snowed all day yesterday, not much of it was sticking. Here is a picuture of the hedges that are right out side my front door that I took last night. Well this morning when I looked out the window I see about 2 inches of snow on the ground! I think I need to speak to the calendar and ask just what the heck is going on around here! I don't think that it knows it's April and there should not be snow on the ground.

Oh well.......Living in OH we have to expect snow in April. Just still wishing for some warmth!

The dress cards were made by Lisa (right), and Connie (left). I put this stamp into the challenge that I'm doing with friends. Just love the card ladies!!!!!! I will have post artwork from my friends to post later.
Skip and I went to Hinckley lake on Sunday (yes it was warm on that day no snow). We hiked around the lake. It's a little over 3 miles, so that was a good workout, but was I sore when I woke up yesterday. Oh well like my Orchestra teacher always said.....No Pain no Gain! In my case No Pain no extra pounds coming off.
Stamping Trials
Karen 205


Shelly Koskinen said...

This card is beautiful!

mamichelle said...

Those are gorgeous!!