Monday, December 31, 2012

More Gifts

Well I didn't think I would get a Barbie doll this year. Sarah has picked up for my brother Tony in getting me a new Barbie for Christmas each year. This year I told her not to get family gifts as I know its been hard for her with the new house and just last month her car broke down which was another expense. She surprised me anyway with a new Autumn in Paris Barbie. She is so pretty and just matches the design for the boxes that Kat got me.

My friends really did spoil me this year! BIG Thanks to Kat for getting a matching train case, and nesting boxes that match the sewing box she got me earlier in the year for my birthday. I guess great minds think alike as Sarah and Kat were both thinking the same thing with the Paris theme. Oh and Kat I've already filled up the nesting boxes!

Hubby and me went to the mall and did some walking yesterday afternoon. Then did some grocery store shopping. We did get some more snow but thankfully looks like it has stopped for a bit. Really cold!
I'll be going over to babysit the nieces this morning from 7am to 2pm. SIL really needed a sitter for today. Since I didn't really have plans I told her I'd do it for her.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!

Stamping trails

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