Friday, December 21, 2012

On the 21st day of Christmas

On the 21st day of Christmas a swapper gave to me.... post it note holder. This is cute. Purse size, just right for jotting down those Christmas gift ideas.

Side view.

So I wasn't going to open any gifts from my friends till Christmas, but Marianne really wanted me to, and since the world is suppose to end today I thought I should open some of the gifts:)

This is so nice! I'll be posting more pictures of the other months soon so you can see them. She took CD's covered them with designer paper (on both sides), and decorated each month. They sit upright on a plate holder. Love them all, and the really nice part is that she also made a little carrier to hold them all in.

She also decorated an index file holder. Really like this one. I'll be able to put down all my dates....maybe then I'll remember birthdays and anniversaries. Big thanks Marianne!!!!!!

Stamping trails

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