Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Kitty Plays with my Trims

Picture is a little blurry cause Cherokee moved. 

She loves attacking all my ribbon, and trims. 

Loves the little pom pom trim. 

No artwork today. I had a long day at the clinic yesterday. 

I had the post op with the ortho doctor. He said I'm doing well, 

and he doesn't want to temp fate with doing the other knee so soon. 

I'm relieved. I dreaded to go through that again. Going back to 

see him in another 2 months then we will set a date for the other surgery, but

it will be after Sarah's wedding in September. 

I also had the last appt with out patient therapy. 

I can bend the knee to 133 degrees. Which is a personal best for me.

He told me that a lot of people can't get that with a new knee. 

I still need to work on getting it straighter, but its getting better. 

Had to get blood work done also. Family doctor wants to check my 

hemoglobin. I'm looking forward to staying home today. 

I have two blog hops. Sketch Frenzy Friday, and one from the VC Rockers group. 

That one will be on Saturday. So don't forget to check back. 

Stamping trails

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